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About this mod

Polyglot V (V speaks English&Japanese)
Multilingual experience mod for Cyberpunk 2077 (Cosmopolitan Night city addon) !
AI variant = When V talks in japanese, it's with a ai voice sounds like V's english voice
VA variant = When V talks in japanese, it's with the voice of V's japanese voice actor

WIP mod!

Permissions and credits

V speaks his/her native language most of the time
and sometimes Japanese with some NPCs.

Polyglot V is an addon for Cosmopolitan Night city [Main files].
But can also be stand-alone [Optional files].
--> List for 'CNC - Polyglot V' (Who does V change language with?) <--

Include voice AND lipsync.
Featuring Kiroshi translation effect.
With Correct dialogue lenght.
With 2 variants {AI or VA}.
For Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty.
Compatible with EN-US localization (=english audio) /18 languages are available for subtitles.

Choose "Polyglot V Enhanced"
OR "Polyglot V Lite"
OR "Polyglot V basic".

==> Which edition to choose?

- Polyglot V - "Enhanced" and "Lite" [Main Files]
  • V speaks his/her native language most of the time and sometimes Japanese with some NPCs.
  • Include voice and lipsync.
  • Correct dialogue length (no more speech-cutting issues).
  • Correct voice over mapping (no more misgendered issues).
  • Featuring Kiroshi translation effect.
  • Smart subtitles: If "cinematic subtitles" are off, you have subtitles only when there are kiroshi translation effect.
    If "cinematic subtitles" are on, you have subtitles all time [In-game: Option/Accessibility/Subtitles/Cinematic].
  • With 2 variants {AI or VA}

- Polyglot V "basic" [Optional files]
  • V speaks his/her native language most of the time and sometimes Japanese with some NPCs.
  • Separate file for Masc Polyglot V and Fem Polyglot V
  • Include voice and lipsync.
  • No correct dialogue length (ie, some lines skip too quickly)
  • No Kiroshi translation effect.
  • There will be some missing lines in the NPCs' Japanese dialogues, and misgendered issues too...
  • With 2 variants {AI or VA}.

==> Which variant to choose?

* AI variant = V talks in Japanese with a AI voice sounds like V's english voice.
This variant is recommended if you're using the English voice of V.
* VA variant = V talks in Japanese with the voice of V's japanese voice actor.
This variant is recommended if you are using a mod that changes the voice of V.

- "Polyglot V enhanced" require "Cosmopolitan Night city enhanced edition" 
- "Polyglot V lite" require "Cosmopolitan Night city lite edition".
- "Polyglot V basic" require "Japanese NPCs for Polyglot V (in this modpage, optional files) or "Cosmopolitan Night city enhanced/lite/customable edition".

- Requirement is really require !!! If you don't have "Cosmopolitan Night city enhanced/lite" with your "Polyglot V enhanced/lite", you're going to have issues. At first everything will be fine, but you'll soon realize that the dialogue lenght and the subtitles for many NPCs are broken. Because these are the dialogue lenght and subtitles for Cosmopolitan Night city + Polyglot V, not for Cyberpunk 2077 vanilla So If you don't want to use Cosmopolitan Night City, use the basic version of Polyglot V (without translation effect and without correct duration lenght).

- Vortex friendly (turn off auto-convert to redmod function).
- Manual install are ok too (use legacy path : <Cyberpunk 2077>/archive/pc/mod)
- Installation/uninstall help here.

About Localization:
- Polyglot V Enhanced and Polyglot V Lite are compatible with EN-US localization only (=english audio). 
- Polyglot V basic (optional files) is compatible with EN-US localization and Polyglot V basic (miscellaneous files) with all audio localizations.
- 18 languages are available for subtitles (no japanese). You can choose your subtitles language in-game [Option/language]

Limits, bugs and known-issues:
- This mod is still WIP, please help me and report missing lines if you find them!
- Japanese part is actually WIP. Spanish is planned later.
- List for 'CNC - Polyglot V' (Who does V change language with?)

- If you use Polyglot V enhanced/lite without CNC enhanced/lite, or If you don't use the right version of Polyglot V enhanced/lite with the right edition of CNC enhanced/lite, you'll get bugs with subtitles, dialogue length, NPCs doesnt respond in Japanese, etc...
- This mod edit the following files, check here; using mods that edit the same files might cause problems. For more details/ for testing, you can use Archive Conflict Checker Tool.

==> About Change V's native language and Polyglot V
  • Currently Change V's native language enhanced/lite" are not compatible with "Polyglot V enhanced/lite". 
  • But you can use "Polyglot V basic" with "Change V's native language enhanced/lite". All you need to do is rename your Polyglot V basic files. Just add "##" at the beginning of your archive files. This would look something like this, for example "###CDT1_PV_....archive" and ###CNC1_PV_....archive".
  • To make"Polyglot V enhanced/lite" compatible with "Change V's native language enhanced/lite", 18 different patches are required... So, maybe I'll do them only when I have a complete version of Polyglot V (without missing lines and with spanish part).

Future plans:

==> My other mods:
- Cosmopolitan Night city for Cyberpunk 2077
- Polyglot V for Cyberpunk 2077
- Change V's native language for Cyberpunk 2077
- Trans V's multilingual voice (MtF and FtM voice without misgendered) for Cyberpunk 2077
- Silent V for Cyberpunk 2077
- Fem Sephiroth - Sephiroth Revoiced by Voice Actress (for DE FR and US localizations) for Final Fantasy 7re

- Multicultural Midgar (Multilingual citizens - Bilingual Yuffie Sonon Madame M Andrea Cloud Tifa) for Final Fantasy 7re
- Language Diversity in Skyrim (Make your own Multilingual experience) for Skyrim SE.


Thanks to CD projekt red for their games.
Thanks to the Wolvenkit creation team.
Thanks to the RVC devs.
Thanks to the Nexusmods team.
Thanks to Wenderer for his FOMOD Creation TOOL.
Thanks to users who report bugs and missing lines.