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Jelle Bakker - MaximiliumM

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A third person mod for Cyberpunk 2077!!

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A Third person mod for Cyberpunk. WORK IN PROGRESS

Requires Cyber Engine Tweaks V1.8.3 to be installed first. Download from:

The mod can be installed using Vortex or installed manually.

Manual installation:
Extract the contents of the file to your Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

Existing users:
Make sure you delete the old mod folder before installing V7 as the folder name has changed.
Go to the mods folder (Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods) and delete the JB Third Person Mod folder.

How to use:

Step 1: Start Cyberpunk 2077
Step 2: wait for game to load save
Step 4: press B <--- to activate TPP
Step 5: press F2 <--- to cycle to different views
Step 6: press '9' to zoom out or '0' to zoom in
Step 7: when in car, press '8' to enable the car camera
Step 8: Enjoy

There are currently 5 camera views when cycling with F3

F3 opens up the debug frame

For updates bug reports and suggestions; or to stop by and say hello; come and join the discord.

Weapon Override

With weaponOverride set to true, the camera will revert to first person when a weapon is drawn.
To disable this, press F3 to open the debug menu and click the weaponOverride button


  • Crouching bug is still a problem
  • Car cam can't rotate
  • Hat and glasses not showing
  • Animations
  • Wide shoulders
  • Head sometimes dissapears
  • Crash on exit game
  • Glitching effect on head when near car
  • Show double hands on mantis blade
  • Sometimes double player on Photomode


Version 8.0
  • Yeet the crouch bug, i think

  • Added debug buttons, for example weaponOverride
  • Reverted to V6.1, so no crouch but car BUG again
  • Added a carCam key '8' to enable the car camera when in car as a work around.

Version 7.0
  • Fixes cam 0 would be loaded in, when it didn't exist
  • Fixes a bug in photomode where you saw two bodies
  • Fixes that you can't enter TPP NAKED
  • Fixes the car camera
  • Fixes the motorcycle faceplant i think

  • Removed the close zoom cap, so it allows you to go FPP while in TPP, to make the RTX players happy, for reflections..
  • Added a warning sign to inform you that you cant go into third person when weapons equipped
  • Added a parameter for Camera Bobbing

Version 6.1 Hotfix
  • Fixes V6
  • Fixes zoomfunction

Version 6.0
  • Fixes the overlapping hair issue
  • Removed the crouch bug permanent i think
  • Fixed that the head would be gone permanent i think

  • You can now only zoom in & out when not moving, otherwise the camera gets stuck
  • Added a reset zoom button in debug menu
  • Added the parameter animated face, be warned, this will conflict with any save that will changed in any way with an mod editor
  • Added a button in Debug Menu to Force Fix Collar, sometimes when exit the car the collar is gone

Version 5.0
  • Fixed yaw and hair when in first person mode
  • Fixed the head after exit the car
  • Removes the head button, because it doesn't work anymore
  • Fixed when entering the car the head dissapeared and reappeared
  • Fixed when loaded a save file while in a car, the mod goes buggy

  • Added forced first person if weapon equiped, then switch back if you dont have weapon anymore
  • Added Collar (can cause big crouch glitch, to fixed it press B again, we are working on it)
  • Added a parameter file where you can set values for the mod
  • You can now set your key bidings in the parameter file
  • Added no Camera Bobbing, because duh.. why did i not implement this sooner?
  • Because of the new body i needed to implement a custom car camera, sorry! i will fix this in future when Cyber Engine Tweaks has readable/writable properties, warning there is a AUDIO bug
  • Added Cam 5, freeform cam. but the player cant move yet.

Version 4.1 Hotfix
  • Fixed Gender Checks, no need for two files
  • Fixed Controller issues, rebound the key F1 to F2 and debug from F2 to F3
  • Fixed Grey mesh, it is now displayed as invisible (Merged from
  • Fixed Scope issue

  • Added in the Debug F3 a button to equip / unequip head

Version 4.0
  • Fixed after exit the car the head wouldn't respawn
  • Fixed after you die the head would be gone
  • Fixed that the head item wont be spawning in your inventory
  • Fixed when in car the script would mess up
  • Ready for Next Cyber Tweaks Engine v1.8.4

  • Added a Zoom button in & out for different camera positions, Keys are '9' and '0'
  • Added button F1 to cycle through the different camera views, B enables and disables TPP
  • Updated the code in a class oriented way
  • Added Animated face instead of static face
  • Added Debug Screen 'F2' key

Version 3.0
  • Added only script files instead of Cheat Engine