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Adds a key to TOGGLE between jogging and walking (for mouse/keyboard). Also allows to toggle movement speed in crouch mode from slower to default with the same key.

Permissions and credits

 Toggle Walk Key

First of all, I would like to thank  Nibrodooh whose Better Controls Menu mod suggested a solution for the correct movement in walking mode.


So, what is all of this about?
  • a few simple steps will allow you to be able to toggle from jogging to walking and vice versa, which is not in the game for now and should have been since the game release
  • provides the walking mode in all directions including diagonally with the same speed and correct movement animation
  • additionally provides an opportunity to change movement speed in crouch mode from slower corresponding to walking mode to default speed corresponding to jogging mode by the same key appointed for toggle walk


The mod consists of two files:
  • the first one is inputUserMappings.xml file
  • the second one is a small .ahk script that defines the keys for switching to the walking mode for a mouse or keyboard, launched by well-known Autohotkey


There are several versions for keyboard/mouse:
  • toggle to walk with CapsLock key - need to remap Vision_Toggle 
  • toggle to walk with Tab key - need to remap Vision_Hold 
  • toggle to walk with Left Ctrl key  - need to remap Crouch_Button_Hold 
  • toggle to walk with Middle Mouse key - need to remap Combat_Gadget and Tag 
  • toggle to walk with Mouse4 key - no need to remap any of default keys

Also added .txt file with a quick guide to assign your key to toggle walk.


  • download and install Autohotkey from the official site (can be closed after installation)
  • make a backup of inputUserMappings.xml file ( /your path/Cyberpunk 2077/r6/config )
  • select the version you prefer for the keyboard or mouse, unpack the archive, move the "r6" folder into the root directory of the game and confirm overwriting
  • move the .ahk script to any place convenient for you (desktop for example)
  • run the script by double-clicking (a small green square with a white letter H will appear in the system tray indicating that the script is running --> check out screenshot)
  • that's all, launch the game

To disable the script located in your system tray, right-click on it and choose Exit. This can be done after you've exited the game.

If you forgot to run the script before the game starts loading, there is no need to restart. Use Alt+Tab to exit to the desktop, run the script and return to the game.


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Special thanks to @TinyLittleBits for his additional information and help in making the script work more correctly.

Thanks to CDPR
Thanks to Autohotkey dev's

Take care and enjoy!