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The pack includes various options of paintjob to the exterior of the Quadra Type-66 Cthulhu

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Quadra Type-66 Cthulhu: Custom Paint Job Pack

This mod will let you change the appearence of the Quadra Type-66 Cthulhu that was owned by street racer Peter Sampson. 

The mod was originally conceived as a part/an add-on to my other Change Your Favorite Cars mod.
But since this pack turned out to be quite big (much bigger than I expected before beginning to create it) and in order not to additionally clutter up an already overflown Change Your Favorite Cars mod I decided to upload it separately.


Nearly all car body surface materials has been changed in an attempt to eliminate as much as possible the difference of color displaying on different car body parts.

Besides the various exteriors the changes also affected the wheels and tires of the car.


To install unpack the archive, find the folder with the сar appearance you prefer, open it, copy the file with .archive extension and paste it into your patch folder.

The path to the patch folder is  ...\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch 
Create patch folder if it not exist.


Tested with game version 1.12

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Thanks to @rfuzzo for his CP77 Tools and to Discord modders and players community
Thanks to CDProject Red

Take care and enjoy!