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Walk by default instead of jogging. The mod allows walking any direction right after the game loading. No need to hold any additional button for that.

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 Walk by Default

This mod is inspired by a great mod by Tenzian for the brilliant The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which I've always used on all of my playthroughs. 
Therefore, I decided to realize a similar opportunity here as much as currently, available game resources allow.
Most likely with modding tools this will can be done more thoroughly.


Walk by default - WASD
  • walking in any directions 

Jogging - hold C - jogging forward and diagonally
  • can be remapped as you wish

Sprint - hold LShift - sprinting forward and diagonally with different angles:
  •  LShift + A(D) ~ 45 degrees
  •  LShift + WA(WD) ~ 75-80 degrees 


There are three versions available depending on your preference: 

  • Walk by Default (faster) - the difference with vanilla jogging ~ 30%
  • Walk by Default (middle)
  • Walk by Default (slower) - the difference with vanilla jogging ~ 40%



  • make sure to back up  inputUserMappings.xml ( /Cyberpunk 2077/r6/config )
  • unpack the archive into the root directory of the game and confirm overwriting your inputUserMappings.xml

It can be easily merged with other mod(s) that also edits inputUserMappings.xml  by using Notepad++ with Compare plugin.


My other mods for Cyberpunk 2077:

Thanks to CDProject RED

Take care and enjoy!