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Enforces a payment charge for colliding with other traffic when driving. The charge amount is determined by the impact damage of the collision.

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Drive Carefully!
Ever wonder why other drivers don't seem to care too much if you bump, scratch or ram their vehicle while driving? Who pays for the damages?
That's no longer the case thanks to the NCID (Night City Insurance Department). Like everyone else, you were automatically enrolled in their instant claims scheme as soon as you got your driver's license. 

What does this mod do?
With this mod, if you collide with another vehicle in traffic the cost of damages will be automatically deducted from your bank account. A head-on collision will demand a higher payment than a small bump on the rear. Fortunately, costs are relatively small (typically under €$100 except for big hits), but can be increased by editing the included config file. It's also possible to disable to displayed messages for those who find them bothersome.

Parked, unoccupied vehicles are not eligible for insurance claims - neither are those who's driver has been incapacitated.

This mod requires Redscript to work. Make sure it is installed first.
Next, extract the contents of into your Cyberpunk2077 directory.

You can tweak the mod's settings by editing the DriveCarefullyConfig file using a text editor (e.g. Notepad).

This mod is possible thanks to Redscript and the CP 2077 source.
The source code for this mod is available here

Known Issues:
The NCID might charge you if two other cars collide while you're driving - even if you don't touch them. Consider it a "quirk" of the insurance system. 
This is unlikely to happen but is more likely to occur if you are using this alongside with Vehicle Combat mod.