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Makes the game harder in many aspects. Has 2 versions for nerfing the PLAYER bonuses. Added Weapon nerfs.

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Cyberpunk 2077 mod - Harder Gameplay v1.0

Quick thing: If you like it harder (oh yeah) consider this mod:
- Sneak -
Use hard version, it modifies npc sense detecting you.

--------------- Weapons readme: ---------------

Changes might not take effect immediately, might need to upgrade/drop/saveedit the weapon
itself. If you have any constructive feedback post it. This Weapons mod accompanies the
gameplay mod but is kept separate:
- using this will nerf Weapon BONUSES only
- easier to tweak and upload
- option to not use it with the Gameplay mod

List of changes - Weapons: DPS, Crit Chance and Damage, Spread (slight change), Headshot
Multiplier (Up!), Richocet Damage, Charge Damage and Time. Values are 66% and 33% mostly.

Not changed are Spread on Precision Rifle and Sniper Rifles. Also these two types
are not nerfed that much like others, Precision Rifles indeed are a bit more stronger now to
be just under Snipers. Not changed is shotgun Spread either.

This will conflict with my mod Headshot damage simply beacuse it uses the same files too.
Since damage is lowered in here i am using the Double Headshot Multiplier version as a base
so the damage done to heads stays up still.

--------------- Gameplay readme: ---------------

Makes the game harder in many aspects. Has 2 versions for nerfing the PLAYER bonuses.
Use one of the 2 versions and BACK UP YOUR SAVE! Again: BACK UP YOUR SAVE!

Changes might not take effect immediately, might need a levelup/point/new toon(!). Yes, possibly
a new toon for all to take effect. Have not tested it fully because well it is not really
possible for 1 guy. If you have any constructive feedback post it.

Why the mod?
Game is too easy at high levels especially. And suffering is good. Sometimes. Really.
I tried to make melees not suffer that much but they still will. A bit. Or a lot.

List of changes - Attributes and Skills: every BONUS you get is reduced, Stamina,
Health, Melee damage, Critical Damage, Crit chance, Memory and Upload time, Evasion,
Reload Speed, Attack Speed, Scope Aim time, etc... I think it is pretty much self-explanatory.
Whatever attributes and skills give you is reduced, a few values stay untouched only.
Changes are mostly 0,33-0,5-0,66-100-150-200% judged from gameplay experience aka educated guess.

Crafting is not touched at least not intended.

Also mods exist that fix/modify player values or perks but what i have seen so far is script
based. These "could" interfere but i am editing game files (curves), for now i have no idea about
conflicts since i do not use those mods at all not even the fixes. I will wait for patches...

Did i mention to BACK UP YOUR SAVE? I did? Good. Then do it.

Drop the archive file into your archive/pc/patch folder

Archive contains edited game files but no scripts nor anything else.
This Mod is Nexus exclusive, If you find it anywhere it was uploaded
without my consent. Cheers to the members of our modding discord!


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