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Changes sneaking to be easier or harder. *Updated for v1.23.

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Cyberpunk 2077 mod - Sneak v1.23

Changes sneaking a bit in general. Has 2 versions, easier and harder.

List of changes:
- by default you are harder or easier to detect
- enemies aware of you spot you easier or harder
- being in stealth makes you harder or easier to spot
- drone detection also changed, camera not
- moving in front of glass and tranparent material less/more risky

Why the mod?
For some balance. Sometimes sneaking got too hard or easy. Pick what you need.

Drop the archive file into your archive/pc/MOD folder

Archive contains 1 edited game file but no scripts nor anything else.
This Mod is Nexus exclusive, If you find it anywhere it was uploaded
without my consent. Cheers to the members of our modding discord!


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