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Elder Scrolls themed total conversion for Crusader Kings III

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Newest Elder Kings Version: 0.12
Currently compatible with CKIII Version: 1.8.2

Elder Kings 2 is a total conversion mod which aims to bring Crusader Kings 3's roleplay-grand strategy experience to the Elder Scrolls universe created by Bethesda Softworks. Set during the chaotic Interregnum of the Second Era about a thousand years before the events of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Elder Kings 2 allows players to take an active role in the four-hundred years of strife that saw local warlords, petty kings, and spiritual leaders compete over the remnants of the Empire. It features a highly detailed, entirely new world map covering the landmasses of Tamriel and Yokuda, based on both official lore maps and supplemental cartographic sources as well as established and popular fan interpretation. Likewise all major and many minor races of Tamriel are fully realised with 3D models and playable, including custom clothing and map object assets for many races to provide a greater level of immersion in the styles and aesthetics of Tamriel. For Humans, Elves and Orcs it is also to possible to conceive mixed offspring, creating lore-accurate dynamic hybrids.

Mechanically, Elder Kings 2 tweaks some vanilla systems and expands upon some mechanics so as to do justice to a fantasy setting like The Elder Scrolls, such as adding a nativity region system to cultures, or pantheons and patron deities to religion. You will also be able to discover and master multiple entirely new mechanics, like a magic system based on the Schools of Magic, vampirism, a playable Mane with custom incarnation-based succession and much more.

This is a non exhaustive list of features in EK2. Listing everything isn't possible.
  • A highly detailed map of Tamriel at roughly 2/3 the size of the vanilla map.
  • All 10 playable races from the main games + more, like Tsaesci, Lilmothiit, Goblins, Kothringi...
  • Custom Feature: Magic
  • Custom Feature: Vampires
  • Culture: Nativity Zones
  • Religion: Pantheons and Patrons, Dynamic Holy Sites
  • War: Might makes Right
  • New Governments: Autocracy, Pirates, Altmer Ceremoniarchy, Mane Hierocracy, Academy (Unplayable), Military Order (Unplayable)
  • Succession Type: Nordic Moot Elective
  • Traits: Birthsigns
  • Traits/Appearance: Khajiit Furstock and Moonphases
  • and much more
Choose any ruler (with a playable government) in the year 2E 440 or 2E 450 and guide your dynasty through the turmoil of the Interregnum.

More info on the mod can be found on our Discord[] or in the Elder Kings Subreddit, aswell as on our Website[].

This is a non-profit project by fans, for fans. It is a fan mod created for Crusader Kings 3 and has no affiliation with Bethesda. Donations toward the project have never been solicited nor accepted and never will be. This project merely wishes to celebrate The Elder Scrolls.

Does Mod x work with EK2?
Most likely no. Elder Kings touches almost every vanilla file, meaning any other mod trying to do the same will break. Mods will need to be patched/submods will need to be made. On our Discord you can find a registry of Submods, among them are also compatiblitiy patches.

Are DLC required to play?
No DLC required. You will however get additional features with DLC enabled, such as the White Gold Tower Throneroom with Royal Court.
We heavily recommend using Royal Court if you plan on playing in Cyrodiil/the Imperial Isle, a pirate government or plan to use the Arcane Court type.

Is EK2 multiplayer compatible?
We've done some testing and it indeed runs in MP. However, select testing and few mps tried aren't enought to sufficiently come to a conclusion. We'll need feedback from many more players on MP. Issues might come up, fixing them is a priority.

Will there be more bookmarks?
Yes. However we will only move within our scope of 2E 440 to 2E 896. Any dates outside of that, like the Oblivion Crisis of 3E 433 or the Dragon Crisis of 2E 401, are not planned. Anyone is welcome to make a submod for these however!

Will missing features from EK1 be brought back?
Yesn't. We consider EK2 more of a sequel than a port. Most content is newly made, not copied over.
However some mechanics of EK1 will make a return in later updates, such as Daedric Interactions.

Are you taking donations?

Launching the mod takes ages!
If this is your first startup, EK2 has a lot of shader/texture calculations to do. These will not have to be done on subsequent launches, meaning only the first startup should take longer than average.

We encounter desyncs in multiplayer.
If you encounter them directly after starting a new mp game, consider making a new game in singleplayer, saving it and hosting that savegame in multiplayer. EK2 has many calculations to do at startup, which might lead to issues in mp games.

Characters and other Models don't show!
You are most likely running Vulcan, this is known to cause issues with mods.
For Windows switch to DirectX, for Linux to OpenGL.

There's visual glitches! Beams of light, texture glitching in different colours!
Go to \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\shadercache and delete its contents. This will lead the game to regenerate shaders/textures the next time you launch the mod.

Comments are disabled.
Please use the subreddit and our discord to provide feedback, suggestions and/or bug reports.