Sid Meier's Civilization VI
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Adds more city names

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Adds more city names to each civilization.

I grabbed whatever list first popped up when searching for names... So some 'civs' are shorter on names than they could be (America, Chinese, English).  I may add more at some time, if there is a demand to.
The Scythian names are taken from the extremely few actual city names, the tribal names, deity names and locations (mainly rivers) names I could find.  
The Sumerian names are a short list, and the 'Tell-xxx' cities are older (or newer, not sure) of names of some of the cities.  I just included them to have some additional variety
The Aztec names... yea, VERY short list of additional names, unless I included Inca or older Mexican city names.  I chose not to use those though in case someone (or Firaxis) turns those into civs for the game.
- The Aztec city names are disabled (commented out) on purpose, as not everyone has the DLC.  
--- If you have the DLC, then simply use any text editor and open the .modinfo file and look for the commented out lines - directions are in that file.

If you have a better/more reliable lists, let me know and I'll happily use it!

-- First pass
- Added;
American +114 city names
Arabia +96 names (From Saudi Arabia only)
Brazilian +48 names
Chinese +109 names
Egyptian +120 names
English +55 names

-- 2nd Pass
- Typo corrections, removal of some city names to prevent possible crashing due to duplicate city name, but for a different Civilization.
- Added;
French +37 names
German +125 names

-- 3rd Pass
- Broke each civilization into it's own file for easier management (finding/adding names and/or typo fixes)
- Added;
Greek +278 names
Indian +319 names
Japan +502 names
Kongo +178 names
Norway +92 Names
Rome +259 names
Russia +283 names
Scythia +43 names
Spain +221 names
Sumeria +34 names
Aztec +16 names

New names look like they don't show up until after the initial base game names have been used.

The mod will be enabled by default, so there's nothing you need to do but start a new game an enjoy!

HOW TO INSTALL IT (for PC - No idea where on Mac)
Open the downloaded file and drag the Mynex_MoreCityNames folder into your "Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods" folder.
It should auto-activate itself the next time you start the game, but you can still turn it on and off in the menu, under Additional Content.

HOW TO UNINSTALL IT (for PC - No idea where on Mac)
Delete the Mynex_MoreCityNames folder from there.

It is compatible my other mods;
Mynex's Larger Maps
Mynex's More Starting Units
Mynex's Increased Starting Distances
Mynex's Game Tweaks

and with Moraelin's "Daughter of..." and "Tougher City States" mods.

Special Thanks to "LeeS" on CivFanatics Forums, for their invaluable help in getting me on the right formating!