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First of its kind, BL2: Exodus is made with PythonSDK. All the legacy .txt Exodus mechanics are still there and much more. Find over 130 completely NEW gear pieces that do not replace existing gear like it used before. New mechanics, new mini bosses... and more.

Permissions and credits
Experience Borderlands 2 in a new light, with rebalanced damage types, new rarities, completely NEW gear, accentuated Vault Hunters, and more! A reimagining of Borderlands 2's key features, as envisioned by me [ Exotek: HEYOO ].

Features ]
  • Kill it with fire! But only if it's fleshy. Rebalanced elemental damage that punishes you for using conflicting types, and applies new debuffs depending on the type you use - regardless of weakness.
  • Be what you set out to be. Vault Hunters are now better at what they're good at, and worse at what they're not. Zer0 for example is more agile, but less resilient, while Salvador has the opposite effects.
  • Guns that are greater than the sum of their parts. Weapon parts have been rebalanced across the board, sharpening up some of the underperforming pieces of the arsenal, and generally making them more specialized. Matching parts still kick ass!
  • Take the time to accessorize. Weapon accessories are now standardized across all weapon types.
  • New unique items. Discover new and exciting ways to mutilate your enemies. 
  • New mini bosses. Got to find them all!
  • Shields, but better. Shields now have improved stats based on their manufacturer, and boast greatly improved (and some new) special effects.
  • Introducing the Manly Shield line, as designed by Jakob's. Experience the feeling of bullets entering your flesh, without the searing pain. Jakob's Manly shields have no capacity, but boost your maximum health, and health regeneration.
  • … and much, much more.

Check out the full BL2:Exodus changelog here.

NOTE: Exodus relies on the SDKs function to construct objects in runtime. These newly constructed objects don't show up for clients in the lobby and thus coop is NOT supported at this moment. This seems to be the issue with some other SDK mods as well.

How to install ]

  • First of all head out to PythonSDK GitHub page and follow the instructions on how to install it:
  • Download BL2: Exodus off the Like any other SDK mod, export the archive in binaries/Win32/Mods/ folder.
  • Launch Borderlands 2. If PythonSDK is installed correctly, Mods menu should now appear in the main menu. Enter the menu, select Exodus and press ENTER to enable the mod.
  • Play the game ;).

[ Important notes and compatibility ]
  • ALWAYS MAKE BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL SAVE FILES . - I can't stress this enough, don't want anything to happen to your original in game items.
  • If some kind of error with the mod occur, all the items from your save file will get wiped. This happens if the user modify the mod files that should not be modified.
  • Do not execute any mods that use hotfixes the usual way through the console. This will override Exodus hotfixes which will cause some weird issues.
  • We might add a support for external mods later on. 

New update added external mod support. Simply add any mod you want to use into z_ModExtension_ folder inside Exodus folder. Mods need to be with .blcm extension.

NOTE: Obviously things like UCP or Reborn will not work, and they never will.
NOTE2: We added this feature because of you guys, however that does not mean we will have to troubleshoot your issues with the mod because you extensively used this feature. Because we will NOT.

Special thanks ]
  • To Juso who made SDK tools for Exodus and made all this possible, thanks bro!
  • To all our Alpha Testers on BL2: Exodus Discord server. Thanks guys.
  • To Gronp for writing this whole page. Thanks dude, you are the man!
  • To OB4MA for making this cool inspection mod which I used to make all the cool gun screenshots. Good job dude, ty.
  • To Shadowevil, for streaming BL2: Exodus on his channel for some time already. Thnx man, appreciate it ;).
  • To Abahbob and other folks who made PythonSDK.
  • To Shadowevil again for making BL2 modding a thing;
  • To LightChaosman, c0dycode, Apocalyptech and other folks who made awesome tools and made modding a whole lot better and easier;
  • To anyone who I am probably forgetting.

And last but not least:

  • To ALL people who like and enjoy playing my mods. Thanks for supporting me, you are the driving force that keeps me making mods. Thank you, you are awesome :).

Afterword ]
  • Please, be sure to give us any feedback, bug reports or anything else you feel is relevant either here on or find us on our BL2: Exodus Discord server.
  • Remember, STEALING is bad. If you want to use any of my assets and stuff, feel free to contact me about permissions on our discord.