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Large Map pack created from scratch for specifically Blade and Sorcery. Based in the World of Nocturnus, a continent of a far north region that receives little to no sunlight.

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Welcome To Nocturnus!

Early Access” V 1.0.3

Fixed Bloom Flickering Issue! 

Check the changelogs here and modding showcase on the official discord for updates! 

Thank you for downloading!

If you dont want the home map replaced, just delete the Level_HomeA.json in the levels folder of the mod

Nocturnus Is a Land located in the far north regions of the planet, This northern region rarely sees sunlight, on occasion the sun will just peek over the horizon and cast an orange glow over everything. 

very performance friendly! 

Nocturnus Is an additive project that I will continue to add to after this release.
all of these things are subject to change. so I cannot promise anything. but some things are already in the works. Everything was made by myself from the ground up! 
Shaders, Models, Substance Materials etc. I've put about 5 months of work into the development of this and I'm hoping to not be going anywhere soon :)
The trees are the only thing that aren't currently made by myself, but I am working on some trees to replace them with! they do use a fancy foliage shader I've been working on tho.

 My plans include:

  • Rival factions (when/if possible, if not characters, It will be implemented in the environments themselves)
  • Rival castles/Towns
  • Valleys 
  • Caves 
  • Dungeons 
  • Docks
  • Forests
  • Ethereal locations
  • If the mod is successful I will also be considering making completely other continents as well, all with differing styles and cultures. 
  • Heavy implementation of environmental physics ie. props, weapons, doors
  • When/If procedural dungeons is added to the SDK I will be considering that as well.
  • Simulated travel to different maps based on what entrance/door/exit you walk into, you'll be teleported to the relevant map.
  • Lore, I would like to add some kind of lore behind the maps/world, some of which is already defined but this is still a work in progress. 

Please note:

-Most of the physics assets still will likely need some tweaking.
-Some areas are not finished completely, I am still working on them as I continue to make more assets. :)
-The mod is best played with a shadow distance of 70m or higher, but is completely fine without shadows.
-If the game is stuck in an infinite loading screen, please check to make sure your other mods are compatible with the latest version of the game, and that you have installed the mod correctly. this mod shouldn't cause infinite loading.

A few more new maps are already in development so stay tuned!

Please send bugs and Inquiries to this Nexus page! You may also report bugs directly to me on the Blade and Sorcery discord #ToasterMufin

I highly recommend MMP (Medieval Mega Pack) by: Sushin 
and also (Sectory) by: Sectix or Eyya
These mods are not required but really add to the experience and are pretty great mods :)

Here is a link to my slightly outdated portfolio: 

Artstation link