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Bleeding, Injury, Stamina, Neck snapping, Damage Overhaul, Ragdoll Weight Overhaul, all of it. Just one mod.

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Pretty please change the configuration to your liking, if you need to know how:

INFO: Inside of the mod folder there is a file called "Level_Sectory" - This is the level master.
1. Find the Level master.
2. Open the file.
3. Edit anything shown, if it's not in the picture it's not in your best interest to edit it without breaking it.

4. Edit the optional settings in the "Settings" folder

5. Enjoy!

Full list of what each variable does:
"bleedTime": How long any given bleed lasts.
"cinematicMinActivationDmg": Minimum damage to make a cinematic run.
"creatureAddHealth": How much extra health creatures have to balance out sectory.
"bleedPercentage": How much damage bleeds do within their time-frame (if it's 20, they deal 20% of the damage dealt within their bleed time-frame).
"bleedMinimum": Minimum damage required to make someone bleed.
"minStamina": The minimum amount of "slow" a creature can have from the stamina system.
"maxInjury": The maximum amount of damage a part can take before breaking.
"injuryMinATK": The minimum amount of damage required to go towards an injury's breaking point.
"neckSnapTwistEase": This value at 1 means neck snaps instantly no matter what. This value at 0 means it needs about 179 degrees to fully snap. -1 means you need to get it perfectly backwards for the neck to snap, meaning impossible.
"skullPenetrateKillDepth": With a arbitrary value, this is about how deep you have to go to instant kill someone with a head stab.
"playerEffected": Means if this is true, the player will also be able to bleed, get injured, etc.
"bleedVFX": Whether or not bleeds render.
"cinematics": Whether or not cinematics start from parrying, and high damage being dealt.
"necksnapTwist": Whether or not you can just fucking snap someones neck. :)
"cinematicDeath": If this is true, anyone who goes into a death animation will slow down (not everything, ONLY the person in that animation) so you can get extra hits or "finish" them while they fall down.

This currently includes everything for:
Bleeding (Decay, multiplier, damage requirement)

Damage improvements (See other improvements, and some hidden differences)

An entire injury system (Breaking bones! Arms & legs, broken and limp! Even a broken spine!) (With injury sounds to accompany them!)

Everything is 100% customizable. Don't want a feature? Just turn it off!

A stamina system (Enemies get slower and put up less of a fight the lower HP they are)

Survivable dismemberment (That's right. They survive being dismembered.)


Recent Changelog's additions appear on the file page!
With more coming in the future, this is a nice addition to your current mods, and should fit seamlessly in without conflicts as everything is scripted and nothing will overwrite it, and it won't overwrite anything.