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This is an addition to any weapons that spawn a mesh/colliders!

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How To Use This For Your Mods Guide Link <-- Click This

To install, go to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods and simply drop the newly imported folder into the "Mods" folder!

With the help of Lyneca, I was able to make a script that can spawn a mesh(Blade) and colliders along with it!
This means the halo blade can start closed, but then turn on by pressing the spell button/alt!

With the help of Redline90, I was able to make a script that can have a weapon return to you by grabbing your grip!

I will make a video on how other modders can use this when I get the chance!

*This only contains the script

I hope you enjoy!

Mods that require this:
Item Activation Script: Activate by pressing the spell button/Alt on the controller
Halo Energy Sword
The Pie Sword(U8.4b)
Hiccup's Inferno(U8.4b)
Return Script: Activate by squeezing the grip on the controller
Mjolnir (U8.4b)
Captain America Shield(U8.4b)