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Would you like to try COD: Warzone in VR?
If you don't mind, endorse this mod! I will be grateful! :)

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Would you like to try COD: Warzone in VR? So, this mod is made for you. It adds many knifes from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and Black Ops: Cold War to Blade & Sorcery! Flaming knifes, electric knifes etc! More content is coming soon, so look forward to it!
  Content from MW:
  • Damascus Knife
  • Flaming Knife
  • "Thyristor" Electric Knife
  • "Phlebotomist" Drill Knife
  • "The Cleaver" Hatchet
  • Dual Kodachi
  • Kali Sticks
  • Riot Shield
  • Ballistic Knife (Used in Spetsnaz Finishing Moves)
  • Karambit (Used in Kreuger Finishing Move)
  • Akimbo Baton (Used in the most of Finishing Moves)
  Content from BOCW:
  • Russian Combat Knife
  • American Combat Knife
  • Tomahawk
  • Wakizashi

  • Make Phlebotomist animated
  • Rip more content from Warzone
  • BOCW Zombies content
  • Animated Black Matter camo from BOCW
  • Maybe guns?...
  • Maybe maps?...

And more dudes from B&S Discord Channel!