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This is a complete Naruto conversion mod. With it, you can fight with your favorite shinobi weapons, use justu, fight in the Hidden Leaf Village, and more!

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To install, go to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods
Then simply drop the newly imported folder into the "Mods" folder!

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Main Download File:
  • All 39 weapons, 12 Spells, and 5 Waves of normal enemies using the shinobi weapons

Not Updated Yet
  • 12 Custom npcs
  • The Final Valley map
  • Tailed Beast Temple/Waterfall of Truth combined map

1) All weapons have a custom emission map for beautiful imbues
2) Almost every spell has values that are customizable. Ex: Rinnegan chakra rod firing speed

Weapons: (Unique ability listed after description in bold)

7 Swordsman of the Mist Swords(8 weapons because of Kabutowari):
  • Hiramekarei - (ヒラメカレイ): A bandaged double-handled sword that is capable of storing and emitting the user's chakra which can then take on various forms. It is also called a "Twinsword" (双刀, Sōtō). 
  • Kabutowari - (兜割, literally meaning: Helmet Splitter): A sword consisting of a single-sided axe and a hammer joined by a length of chain. Said to be capable of crushing any and all defences. It is also called a "Bluntsword" (鈍刀, Dontō). - Gravity slam with hammer
  • Kiba - (牙, literally meaning: Fangs): Twin swords that are imbued with lightning which increases their cutting power. They are said to be the sharpest swords ever forged. They are also called "Thunderswords" (雷刀, Raitō). - Press the Alt/Spell button to instantly imbue with lightning
  • Kubikiribōchō - (首斬り包丁, Viz: Executioner's Blade, literally meaning: Decapitating Carving Knife): A giant sword with a butcher-knife-like appearance, the wielder can use the semi-circle on the blade to decapitate an opponent's head, hence the name. The sword has an ability to regenerate using the iron absorbed from the blood of those it cuts down. It is also called a "Seversword" (断刀, Dantō).
  • Nuibari - (縫い針, literally meaning: Sewing Needle): A sword in the shape of a needle with a long thin wire that resembles thread attached to it, which can be used to pierce enemies and "sew" them together in human bundles. It is also called a "Longsword" (長刀, Chōtō).
  • Samehada - (鮫肌, literally meaning: Shark Skin): The most terrifying of the seven blades, it has the appearance of a giant knife covered in shark scales. It is a sentient, living weapon and has the ability to "eat" chakra. It is also called a "Greatsword" (大刀, Daitō). - Blade and Sorcery's first evolving weapon.  After 5-10 kills, a few scales pop out that allow you to begin shredding enemies.  After 10-20 kills, Samehada cannot contain its hunger for chakra, the entire Samehada is revealed
  • Shibuki - (飛沫, literally meaning: Splash): A sword that has a scroll full of explosive tags incorporated into it, lined up behind the blade, combining swordsmanship and explosions. It is also called a "Blastsword" (爆刀, Bakutō). - Explodes on contact with the environment dealing major damage

32 other weapons/Items from Naruto:
  • Anbu Black Ops Sword - The weapon of choice wielded by Itachi Uchiha. It was modeled after his favorite weapon while part of the Anbu Black Ops
  • Asuma's Chakra Blades - Handed down from Asuma to Shikamaru, these blade slice and dice like no other -  Press the Alt/Spell button to activate
  • Paper Bomb Kunai - A kunai with a paper bomb attached.  Explodes after colliding with a map, enemy, etc. - Customizable dismemberment in json
  • Konoha Chakra Blade - The standard chakra conducting weapon wielded by shinobi from Konohagakure
  • Pain's Chakra Receivers - Black rods that function as demodulators for high-frequency chakra signals. Users are able to create and transmit their chakra into these receivers for a variety of purposes
  • Sakumo's Chakra Saber - A straight-bladed tantō with a small, circular hand-guard given to Kakashi by his father Sakumo. It gave off a white streak of chakra when it was swung, thus earning Sakumo his title of "Konoha's White Fang"
  • Darui's Cleaver Sword - A giant cleaver-like blade that is broad with a fairly long hilt and has three hinges running along the blade itself that allows the user to fold it when not in use and unfold it in battle.
  • Demon Wind Shuriken(Collapsible) - Giant shuriken that spins incredibly fast when thrown, making easy work of slicing limbs off - Press spell button to open/close it
  • Enma Staff Form - This was the preferred weapon of Hiruzen Sarutobi, whose heavy use of it through decades of warfare contributed to his reputation as a "God of Shinobi". The staff is as hard as a diamond, making it very destructive - Trigger to grow, spell button to shrink. Customizable size change and auto-size reset speed
  • Hagoromo's Six Paths Staff - The staff of the Sage of Six Paths, a morphing Truth Seeker orb, holds the power of all 5 natures as well as being able to change chakra nature/form - Allows you to shoot fireballs and gravity slam
  • Hamura's Six Paths Staff - The staff of the Sage of Six Paths brother, a morphing Truth Seeker orb, holds the power of all 5 natures as well as being able to change chakra nature/form - Allows you to shoot fireballs and gravity slam
  • Hanzo's Kusarigama - A kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weapon consisting of a sickle attached to a chain. Hanzo is a very skilled user of the Kusarigama and has even drenched it in poison to increase its lethality(In this case no chain or poison)
  • Hidan's Triple-Bladed Scythe - A scythe with the purpose of collecting blood for the curse ritual.  The three blades get smaller from top to bottom, giving the scythe a larger range despite decreasing its lethality
  • Mifune's Kurosawa - The sword is fairly long and thin, and has a rectangular hand guard and a long hilt wrapped in bandages. Mifune has shown great skill and dexterity in wielding the sword
  • Jigen's Long Chakra Receivers - Black rods that function as demodulators for high-frequency chakra signals. Users are able to create and transmit their chakra into these receivers for a variety of purposes
  • Madara's Gunbai - A non-folding fan, carved from a unique spirit tree from which only ritualistic instruments are made. This Gunbai has been passed down between Uchiha clansmen for generations - Allows you to gravity slam
  • Sword of Nunoboko - A large, double-helix-shaped sword, formed from the Truth-Seeking Ball and was originally used by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki to shape the world - Allows you to shoot fireballs and gravity slam
  • Omoi's Sword - A simple sword used by Omoi to protect and defend the Hidden Cloud. One swipe of the sword can easily counter an enemies attack
  • Paralysis Kunai - A kunai dipped in a paralysis agent that causes enemies to go numb - Freezes enemies on collision
  • Kunai - A throwing knife which can cut and slash enemies - Press spell button to imbue with lightning(Boruto lighting kunai)
  • Minato's Hiraishin Kunai - Flying Thunder God Kunai are custom-made kunai (特注クナイ, tokuchū kunai) and signature tools of Minato Namikaze, who uses them in conjunction with his Space–Time Ninjutsu: the Flying Thunder God Technique - Grab the kunai and after throwing, press Alt/Spell button to teleport wherever wherever the kunai is(Including mid air) - Limited to 1 teleport each time weapon is grabbed - Trigger = teleport and grab kunai, spell button = teleport(Customizable)
  • Shuriken - Throwing stars that spin incredibly fast when thrown and pierce the enemy - Press the Alt/Spell button to instantly imbue with lightning(Boruto's lightning shurikens)
  • Sword of Kusanagi - Sasuke's sword, able to pierce and slash through nearly anything - Press the Alt/Spell button to instantly imbue with lightning
  • Sasuke Susanoo Sword - The sword wielded by Sasuke’s Susanoo that is powerful enough to destroy mountains with a single blow
  • Senbon - A needle coated with a paralyzing agent - Freezes enemy on collision(Customizable)
  • Shichiseiken - One of the 5 tools of the Sage of Six Paths, Shichiseiken is a light blue broad and flat sword with a brown talisman hanging from the bottom - Allows you to gravity slam
  • Shisui's Tanto - A tantō wielded by Shisui Uchiha. The common weapon of one of the strongest Uchiha ever.  Along with his prowess, Itachi Uchiha himself even lost to Shisui during some sparring matches
  • Jiraya’s Stone Swords - The Stone Swords (石剣, Ishiken) are secret swords from Mount Myōboku. Slate grey in color, the swords have a circular, hollow, pommel with a fairly long grip. A chain connects the pommel to the hilt of the sword which is joined to the blade. The wide blade itself has several markings resembling veins running down its length. These were used by Jiraiya after the Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant was cast to drive into his targets' body like a wedge.
  • Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords - Killer Bee’s weapons of choice that allow him to attack enemies nonstop with several blades - Press spell button to imbue with lightning
  • Tobirama's Sword of the Thunder God - Bright yellow and infused with pure electrical energy, this sword has the ability to manipulate lightning and easily cut through any attacks - Blade and Sorcery's first fully lightning based weapon. Press Alt/Spell button to activate, it can use lightning-imbued attacks infinitely without the visual effects
  • Tobirama’s Sword - The long and slender sword used by Tobirama to cut down many Uchiha

8 Maps: (Pull the lever on the weapon rack for a surprise)

  • Chunin Exam Arena - See if you have what it takes to get promoted from a genin to a chunin
  • Amegakure Upper Area - Where the Akatsuki liked to gather
  • Forest of Dead Trees - Where the Rasenshuriken was born
  • God Tree - Infinite Tsukuyomi
  • Hidden Sand Village - Gaara's home
  • Tenchi Bridge - Entrance to the Hidden Leaf
  • Transforming Final Stadium - Boruto's Chunin Exam Arena(Pull the left lever to transform)
  • The Final Valley - Who will win? Naruto, Sasuke, or You?
  • Tailed Beast Temple/Watefall of Truth - Can you control your tailed beast?
  • Hidden Leaf Village - A map of Konohagakure, Over time the sun rotates around the map, eventually turning to night.  This is the first map mod in Blade and Sorcery to have working missions! There are 2 missions(With the second having 2 parts)
  • This map is meant to be an incredible surprise for all my Naruto fans. Please do not spoil the missions
  • Notes: 
     - You need to walk/run on the map in order to step on the invisible mission start colliders.  Flying/jumping over the start colliders will prevent you from being able to start/continue missions
 - Killing all the missions enemies will complete the mission.  After all enemies are dead, you need to walk/run over the start colliders to properly end the mission
 - If you are struggling to start/end a mission, read the above notes.  If you are still struggling, walk towards(And a little past) the enemies original spawn locations.  The start/end colliders are located around there
 - In order to redo missions, you will need to restart the map
  • Mission 1: Walk/Run into the Hokage desk.  Your first mission has begun.  Walk out the doors of the Hokage's office.  Walk to the entrance of Konohagakure(The giant gate on fire), kill all the spawned enemies then return to the Hokage's desk(From inside)
  • Mission 2: Walk/Run into the Hokage desk.  Your second mission has begun.  Walk out the doors of the Hokage's office.  Defeat all the enemies in front of you.  After all enemies have been killed, return to the Hokage's doors(From outside).  The second part of your mission has begun.  Defeat all enemies once more to complete your second and final mission.  To return the map to normal, walk into the glowing/circling end sphere located next to the Hokage's office
Mission Walkthrough(SPOILERS):

  • Amaterasu - The highest level of fire release, once created, the black flames will not stop burning until their target is completely incinerated - Pull the trigger to shoot the black flames in the direction of where your head is facing.  Pull the trigger while a weapon is in hand to imbue it.  Enemies alone or in a group, as well as enemies hit by an Amaterasu imbued weapon become encompassed in black flames - Merge Amaterasu-Amaterasu = Giant wave of black flames, Merge Amaterasu-Rasenshuriken = Amaterasu Rasenshuriken
  • Atomic Dismantling Jutsu - The user forms a small three-dimensional object (e.g. a cube, a cone, etc.) out of chakra in their hands. The object expands once released by the user and moves astonishingly fast at its target; anything that passes through it (or that is passed through by it) is disintegrated on a molecular level - Pull the trigger to activate the Atomic Dismantling Jutsu, throw it at an enemy like a fireball for it to explode in a cube-like formation.  If the projectile hits enemies, they are instantly disintegrated - Customizable if enemies or items disintegrated - Trigger = Normal dismantling projectile - Merge AtomicDismantlingJutsu-AtomicDismantlingJutsu = Atomic Dismantling Beam(Customizable) - Trigger on enemies/Items makes them lighter - Spell button on enemies/Items makes them heavier
  • Chidori - Created by Kakashi Hatake after he failed to apply his lightning-nature to the Rasengan. To perform, the user first gathers lightning to their hand; the high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name - Pull the grip to activate the Chidori, you can pierce and slash enemies while electrocuting them(You can feel your hand going through them) - Pulling grip and trigger = Chidori sharp spear which electrocutes/kills enemies), Pulling trigger then grip summon 1 Chidori Sharp Spear, Pulling trigger = Imbue items and if you raise your hand fast you summon Kirin(Customizable), Merge Chidori-Chidori = Chidori Senbon, Merge Chidori-Rinnegan = Lightning Cloak, in the "Spell_Chidori" json customize Chidori effects at chidoriID: "Chidori" or "PurpleChidori" or "OnyxChidori", grabbing enemy + pulling trigger = Electrocute enemies
  • Expansion Jutsu - Used by the Akimichi Clan, you can now expand your body, Trigger on weapon while active = Giant weapon - Trigger = Partial Expansion Jutsu - Merge ExpansionJutsu-ExpansionJutsu = Full-Body Expansion Jutsu
  • Fireball Jutsu - A lower level fire jutsu compared to Amaterasu  - Pull the trigger to shoot the flames in the direction of where your head is facing(Enemies get knocked back).  Pull the trigger while a weapon is in hand to imbue it.  Enemies alone or in a group, as well as enemies hit by a Fireball Jutsu imbued weapon become encompassed in flames - Merge FireballJutsu-FireballJutsu = Majestic Flame Destroyer(3 Fireballs)
  • Kamui - The incredible ability to phase through anything and send enemies to your own dimension - Trigger to phase with your entire body, Trigger while grabbing enemy to send them to the Kamui Dimension
  • Rasengan - A Ninjutsu technique developed over the span of three years by the Fourth Hokage, this contained, fast, rotating sphere of chakra in the palm of your hand which can cause an incredibly destructive impact - Pull the trigger to activate the Rasengan, the faster you hit the enemy with the ball, the farther it will hit them - Imbue with fire = Orange Rasengan, imbue with gravity = Magnet Rasengan, imbue with lightning = Boruto Wind Rasengan - Merge Rasengan-Rasengan = Throwable Asura’s Rasengan, Merge Rasengan-Rasenshuriken = Rasenringu
  • Giant Rasengan - Similar to the Rasengan, the Giant Rasengan is the cumulation of spinning chakra on ones palm.  However, the difference in the 2 is immense seeing as the Giant Rasengan is larger and has more destructive power than the normal Rasengan - While the regular Rasengan spell is in your palm, pull the grip to create the Giant Rasengan instead of the regular Rasengan
  • Rasenshuriken - The ultimate Wind-Style jutsu developed by the 7th Hokage himself, a Rasengan, with four large points around the central Rasengan core, giving the appearance of a fūma shuriken - Pull the trigger to activate the Rasenshuriken, throw it at an enemy like a fireball for it to explode and knock any enemy in the vicinity into next year(It is controllable).  You can also hit an enemy with it(Like the Rasengan) and it will blast them back - Imbue with fire = Lava Rasenshuriken - Imbue with Rinnegan = Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken, can dismember enemies
  • Rinnegan - The dojutsu used by the Sage of Six Paths with powers from(Pain, Sasuke, and Jigen) - Pull the trigger then release to shoot chakra rods at high speed in the direction of your arm.  Pull the trigger then grab your controllers grip(Without letting go of the trigger) to create a long chakra rod in your hand.  Merge 2 Rinnegan spells together and pull apart to activate Almighty Push to knock enemies back.  Merge 2 Rinnegan spells together and pull towards each other to activate Universal Pull to pull enemies towards you.  Damaging enemies with Imbued weapons causes enemies to become your ally temporarily - Trigger and Spell Button while holding a weapon and looking at a creature/item(Customizable) swaps places with the creature
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu - This jutsu allows the user to create one or more copies of themselves. The user's chakra is evenly divided between themselves and their clones - Pull the trigger to summon one "Clone" of yourself in a smoke cloud.  The ally you summon will attack enemies until its death - Merge ShadowClone-ShadowClone = Multi shadowclone jutsu(Customizable)
  • Shuriken Jutsu - (手裏剣術, Literally meaning: concealed hand blade techniques) pertains to techniques that entail the throwing of shuriken, kunai, senbon, or any other number of bladed, hand-held weapons - Pull the trigger to summon a shuriken(If you press Alt/Spell button while holding the shuriken, it will become imbued with lightning)
  • Sharingan spell - Coming
  • Other spells - Coming (Like Byakugan)
Custom Enemies: Not Updated Yet
  • Naruto 
  • Sasuke 
  • Sakura 
  • Kakashi 
  • Jiraya 
  • Hashirama 
  • Madara 
  • Minato 
  • Zabuza
  • Kisame
  • Itachi
  • Neji

Waves: Enemies fight you with the shinobi weapons
 - Custom NPCs: Against each custom NPC
  • 1 vs 1
  • 1 vs 2
  • 1 vs 3
  • 1 vs 1 - Fighting against all custom npcs in a rotation
 - Regular NPCs:
  • 1 vs 1
  • 1 vs 2
  • 1 vs 3
  • 1 vs 4
  • 1 vs 5

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