Blade & Sorcery
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A Weapon Pack Containing Tons Of Zelda Weapons, Newly added: Sheikah Slate With 4 Runes and more

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This mod contains of a variety of weapons from all sorts of zelda games BOTW OOT MM and so on!

New In Update 6
Fully  Working Sheikah Slate with all 4 runes and the scope!
Master Sword Shoots beams now

Sheikah Controls:
Hold Alt Use to switch rune,
Bomb = dark blue, to use this press alt use to spawn a bomb in your off hand throw it, and trigger to explode it!
Magnesis = red, to use this press alt use to invert the polarity and trigger to attract or push objects/people.
Cryo = Light blue/turquoise, to use this press alt use to shoot yourself in the air, or press trigger when aiming at someone to freeze them in ice
Stasis = yellow, to use this press trigger and the person/object you're aiming at will freeze in place, if you hit them they go flying when stasis is up, more hits = more force!
Scope, press alt use to zoom in/out

Hookshot Controls:
Trigger to shoot
After shot, Trigger will reel you in.
Alt use will reel you out.
Kick to clear the line

Big thank you to llyrrum for the Cryo Block model and the Chain model!

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