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  • MC v0.4.0

    Read here for the full changelog -

  • MC v0.3.2

    This release brings in BT 1.8 compatibility and some features and bugfixes. Sadly, I haven't been able to fix the spawn and load issues yet but I am working on it.

    Major Features

    Added BattleTech 1.8 support
    Additional Lances: Added contract rewards for destroying Additional Lance enemy lances.
    Read the AL documentation for the RewardsPerLance section. Default is 20% contract value reward.

    Extended Boundaries: Provided more control on the size of the encounter boundaries
    Read the EB documentarion for how to control the boundary size.

    Added ability to prevent specific Additional Lance lance configs from autofilling with Extended Lance autofill
    Read the AL documentation for the supportAutofill property...

  • MC v0.3.1

    BT 1.7 forced me to release early to bring in BT 1.7 support. Mainly adds support for this, plus some additional features and minor bug fixes. Any remaining v0.3.1 milestone items are pushed to v0.3.2.

    Major Features

    Added BattleTech 1.7 support
    Added 'Battle+ / Three-Way' contract type support

    Minor Features

    Additional Lances: Support added for mult-folder support under the MC/lances directory
    Additional Lances: Support madlibs for lance and unit tags for MC/lances configs


    Random Spawns: Made the search algorithm more efficient. It might help with load times a little.

    Bugs Fixed

    Random Spawns: Caught an error that occurs ...

  • MC v0.3.0

    This release adds major and minor features, improvements, and bug fixes.

    Major Features

    Extended Boundaries - Increases the map size to the maximum possible. Sometimes up to four times the size.
    Dynamic Withdraw - When withdrawing, a dynamic extraction zone is created that you must get your lance to before you can escape the mission
    Added 'Attack Defend' contract type support
    Added 'Fire Mission' contract type support

    Minor Features

    Extended Lances: Allowed for specifying a difficulty modifier to the faction to allow for individual lance selection tweaks
    Extended Lances: Added Better Base Defence compatibility


    Map loading times are improved aga...

  • MC v0.2.3

    This release focuses on bug fixing and stabilising Mission Control (as it's well known for its long loads and patchy spawn points).


    Map load times are much faster, even in a worst case situation.

    Bugs Fixed

    Fixed infinite load screen wait bugs
    Fixed unit spawns that didn't allow a unit to move
    Fixed units spawning on buildings (urban maps highlighted this bug)
    Fixed 'Follow Player' AI - Between BTv1.4 and BTv1.6.2 a tag was changed that broke this AI

  • MC v0.2.2 - BT v1.6.2 Compatibility

    This release brings BattleTech v1.6.2 compatibility only. Any previous mention of v0.2.2 bringing bug fixes is now pushed to v0.2.3.

    Major Features

    BT v1.6.2 Compatibility

    Known Issues

    Quick Skirmish seems to sometimes launch with lances that have no weapons
    All existing bugs from previous version of MC still exist

  • MC v0.2.1 - BT v1.4 Compatibility

    This release brings BattleTech v1.4 compatibility only. Any previous mention of v0.2.1 bringing bug fixes is now pushed to v0.2.2.

    Major Features

    BT v1.4 Compatibility


    Disabled 'ExtendedLances' by default to prevent a compatibility issue with 'Better Base Defense'

  • MC v0.2.0 Full

    This is the full release version of v0.2.0. Like the pre-release it fully supports v1.3 and Flashpoints.

    Major Features

    (Introduced with the full v0.2.0)

    Extended Lances - Increase the size of a faction's lances allowing for clan stars (5 mechs) and reinforced lances / comstar demi-lances (6 mechs). Works for vanilla spawns and Mission Control spawns.
    Additional Lances Faction Rep - Allow faction reputation range to select which lance to use
    Additional Lances Elite Lances - Allow elite lances to be selected if allied or enemy with a faction
    Flashpoint options - Allow for disabling Mission Control entirely, or just disabling only Additional Lances for FPs
    Additional Lances Skull Lance Difficulty - Added a full initial set of...

  • MC v0.2.0 Alpha Pre-release for BT1.3 Flashpoint

    This is a pre-release version of v0.2.0. It's not polished and it's not finished but it works. I'm releasing it because it supports BT v1.3 and the Flashpoint expansion.

    Major Features

    BT v1.3 / FP Support

    Ally Lance Combat Dialogue - Unique dialogue per contract type and MC contract type variations if you have an ally lance dropping with you. This works but the dialogue is very limited in the alpha.
    Additional Lances Skull Lance Difficulty - Additional Lances now take into account skull difficulty when selecting lances to drop into a contract. In this alpha it's supported but I haven't configured it yet so while it does take the skull rating into account - all the profiles are the same as v0.1.0
    Additional Lances in Battle are Primar...

  • Mission Control Release - v0.1.0

    Today I’m releasing Mission Control. It’s a mod that a lot of people have asked for. It intelligently randomises spawns based on contract type, adds allies and more enemy lances to the fight, adds new objectives, adds new AI to the game whilst also enabling other mods to make use of these same systems in an easy to use way. This will open things right up! Expect the coming mod updates to bring lots and lots of fun things.

    Over the past few months, with the encouragement and support of the modding community, I’ve managed to crack the encounter system in the game (thanks Eck!). So… what does this really mean? A lot of the contract type data was stored in the map data (called ‘encounters’). Now I’m able to manipulate this information we can finally add a lot of very ...