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FTLmod attempts to boil the game down to ~8 hours while still giving the player plenty of choices to make, planets to explore, and enough randomness to keep you coming back for more!

Permissions and credits
This mod reconfigures the entire starmap into a short-play campaign mode inspired by FTL. You have a 120 day time "limit" to reach Coromodir and complete the campaign finale. Build your mercenary camp from the ground up as quickly as possible and hope you have enough to stand against the final showdown.

Quickstart - Start your journey on the argo, the only way to travel!

Randomization - 24000 possible setups for you to fight your way through!

Skill specialization - Mechwarrior growth is slow, but steady. revamped xp costs encourage more speialization and also more flaws in player-controled pilots!

Planetside - Jumps are now more expensive with no free rides. You'll spend more time in orbit planetside repairing or refitting, but also have wider array of events to influence your company.

Accelerated growth - You get more priority salvage picks per mission (not shown in negotiation), and more rare weapons and upgrades per mission as well

Reputation is everything! - Reputation acquisition is increased (if you negotiate for it) and stores now penalize you HARSHLY for being unfriendly. Contract difficulty will be greatly resticted, and, oh yeah, you start the game disliked by everyone! be careful who your mission targets are if you don't want to end up blacklisted, or race to ally yourself to get access to the highest missions or pay up to 99.93% less for military requisitions compared to your enemies!

This mod requires the latest versions of BTML and ModTek. Just unzip the mod into your "mods" folder and voila!
This mod is not compatible with any mods that alter the starmap (obviously) or that modify the SimGameConstants, Forcedevent_Leopard, Milestone_003 or Milestone_305.


- All systems except Alpha and Coromodir are randomized. Each planet will have 3 contracts that do not renew. Each planet will have two main factions fighting over it (Taurian vs Davion, Marik vs Magistacy, Liao vs anyone) plus Draconis combine who can offer missions, but do not control any stores.

- Reputation thresholds are as follows (in theory, game sometimes displays weird things)
 < -60 Loathed(cannot shop)     upto 0.5 skull
-60 to -30Hated (500% Market Price) upto 1.0 skull
-30 to 0Disliked(300% Market Price) upto 1.5 skull
0 to 30Indifferent  (180% Market Price) upto 2.5 skull
30 to 60Liked   (108% Market Price) upto 3.5 skull
60 to 90Friendly(65% Market Price)  upto 4.5 skull
90+Allied   (35% Market Price)  all (but missions should be capped at 4 skull)
You start at -25 Reputation with all factions except Resotration and Directorate

-Salvage is 1 priority choice per 3 total salvage, not displayed in contract negotiations (yet). So a contract that shows 3 / 15 is actually 5 / 15 upon completion
-Salvage for good faith withdrawls set to 67% (so killing one heavy mech and retreating can be a viable strategy, though your reputation gains will be significantly reduced)

Planned updates:

Version 0.4 added randomized final mission chain, difficulty options, and rebalanced several argo upgrades. Next update plan: Better in game information and flavor text for mod-specific events. An actual story? hopefully! Possible skill tree customization.

Version 0.3 streamlined systems a bit to ensure more relevant contracts, as well as a steadier progression.

Version 0.2 fixed the biggest problem in the pack, universe resets! Saving and loading should now work properly, and if they don't, please drop me a line in the comments :)

Beyond that, this version is still mostly for concept and playability, there are still some things I'd like to add in the future:
- barebones "story"
- fixing any bugs found along the way by players! (there's bound to be one or two out of those 2000 8000 24000 map combinations that have problems I'm sure)
- possible skill tree rebalance
- suggestions from the players!
- randomized campaign final encounter/mission chain
- argo upgrade rebalances for the faster setting
- possible "easy" mode

Things that will (probably) not be fixed:
- Load Game bug (requires far better programming skill than I) Fixed in 0.2!
- Scenario workarounds (I don't mind if players cheat a bit to get around some of the scenario restrictions, each player should get to enjoy the game how they like!)

As said, the goal here is to create a kind of quickplay campaign that should theorhetically last ~8 hours for a fairly skilled player, but still have enough challenge and variety to be enjoyable!. Any suggestions to this effect are quite welcome, as this is still only a prototype version after all!