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Want your weapons to have less generic manufacturer and brand names? What about even MORE brands for all 3025 Era weapons? This fixes that and a LOT more.

Adds at least 93 weapons (Flamers, MG's, Lasers, AC's, Missiles) for Single Player Campaigns and Skirmish (Including +, ++, +++ ; -, - -, - +, - + + types)

Permissions and credits
Weapon Diversity Mod - Accurate Brand Names and More Weapon Options
Stock, + (Plus), + + (Plus Plus) Editions

Rebuilt mod from the ground up for 2.0

Ever wanted to know what is a 'Manufacturer' - "Kali Yama"?  Well, now you will have your answer.  This mod changes all HBS weapon descriptions to include more accurate manufacturer information along with many different lore brand names straight from Classic BattleTech.  A "Kali Yama Big Bore" AC/20 produced by "Kali Yama Weapons Ind." for example, along with occasional extra details and Easter eggs in the descriptions.  On top of that - various new models for existing weapons including more Machine Guns (can never have enough of those) that are made to be in-line with HBS weapon/balance values. 

I loved that HBS added details for weapons and this is the culmination of my obsession to take their idea several steps beyond as I always liked how Battletech included different names and details for everything equipped and generally the origins of their make/model.

Note:  No longer integrates JK_MinorAdjustments or my other misc mods, but it should work fine with this mod regardless - my intention with rebuilding this mod is so you may apply other mods as you wish.

ModTek Integration in 3 different varieties and an Optional:

STOCK Edition
1.  WeaponDiversity-STOCK
  • Changes the HBS 'manufacturer' and 'model' information in-game and sometimes extra information added to the Details but not always (including other manufacturers that make the same weapon, or what the weapon was typically produced for, or if it was built with a design quirk, etc.)
  • The following HBS weapons have been given canon or close to canon design quirks, effectively rebalancing them albeit very minor:  

AC/10 + Kali Yama Class 10  (- 1 Ammo Clip, "Ammunition Feed Problem")

AC/10 + + Federated Autocannon  (I.C.J., "Improved Cooling Jacket" - effectively - 2 Heat)

AC/20 - + Defiance 'Mech Hunter (+ 2 Heat Gen., "No Cooling Jacket" ; No Recoil, "Stabilized Weapon/Accurate Weapon")

AC/20 + + Defiance 'Mech Hunter 2 (No Recoil, ""Stabilized Weapon/Accurate Weapon"; + 2 Acc., "Accurate Weapon")

PLUS (+) Edition
2.  WeaponDiversity +
same as above, plus

  • Adds 93 new weapons, in all weapon categories
  • New weapons also appear in stores throughout the Innersphere, some are very rare
  • The above change also gives a little more variety to other factions like Federated Suns whose stores won't merely have Autocannons, etc.
  • Two separate chassis' will appear in stores for the Victor and Hunchback, these are rare 'original' models mounting different weapons than the 'new' Victor or Hunchback you would normally encounter in combat

PLUS PLUS (+ +) Edition
3.  WeaponDiversity + +
same as above, plus
  • Adds all the new lore-based weaponry to all 'Mechs in-game for SP and Skirmish (Example:  A Hunchback-4G will come automagically equipped with the Tomodzuru AC/20 and Hellion-V Medium Lasers, sometimes these are just basic weapons)
NOTE:  This also changes the prices of those 'Mechs in Skirmish which means some may go over budget for specific Lance Budgets (which means you will need to select the next largest lance budget or unequip the 'Mechs)
EXTRA NOTE:  This ALSO means any AI you encounter in-game, or 'Mechs that you buy, will come equipped with their stated weapon brands from Technical Readouts (either so-so, above average, and sometimes very good weapons).  This has the tendency to make the combat portion of the game a little more challenging, but a little more rewarding in that you will want to take care of the gear you own and the stuff you may encounter and salvage in battle.
  • Some 'Mechs come equipped with 'Extinct' weaponry that is very rare and expensive (may able to locate on 'Star League' planets)
  • Additionally adds the correct brand name weapon to Vehicles where possible (A Demolisher will use 2 185mm ChemJet AC/20's)

4.  WeaponDiversityDLC + +
similar to the + + edition
  • Requires WeaponDiversity + + to be activated
  • Requires all DLC to be installed (Flashpoint, Urbanwarfare, and Heavy Metal)
  • Adds renamed descriptions and names to weapons introduced in Heavy Metal DLC
  • Most of the "Level 2" weapons are essentially Clan weaponry without alluding to it, the details are adjusted as Easter egg information
  • Adds all the new lore-based weaponry from + + Edition on the newly introduced 'Mechs in the DLC

Overall mod Contains:

  • 4 Machine Guns
  • 3 Flamers
  • 15 Small Lasers
  • 30 Medium Lasers
  • 20 Large Lasers
  • 12 PPC's
  • 1 AC/2
  • 2 AC/5s
  • 2 AC/10s
  • 6 AC/20s
  • 4 LRM5s
  • 4 LRM10s
  • 3 LRM15s
  • 3 LRM20s
  • 1 SRM2
  • 4 SRM4
  • 6 SRM6
  • 2 Mech Chassis

Installation Steps:
Ensure that you have latest version of the game installed (v 1.9.1)
Drop your desired version into HBS' integrated ModTek directory

This should be-> "My Documents/My Games/BattleTech/mods/HBS"
1. Launch Game
2. Click on "MODS" at bottom of Main Menu
3. Make sure "Mods Enabled" is checked in top right
4. Click the empty box next to the version you wish to enable and 'click save'
5. You will be required to restart your game.

Other Info:

  • Please note if you use this mod in Single Player or Skirmish and save configurations with these new weapons and then disable or delete the mod, then attempt to load your saves again, you will find that they will not work.  So be wary of this, especially in regards to the + and ++ versions that add things to stores rather than just renaming description files and very small balance adjustments as "STOCK" does.

Possible Future Plans:

  • Adding variations of same Mech chassis to encounter in campaign; for example encountering a rare Komiyaba Type VIII Hunchback 4G or a more recent Crucis Type V Hunchback 4G (same weapon loadouts, different brands).
  • Adding a PlusPLUS version to integrate JK_Variants
  • Adding a PlusCBT version to integrate CBT Balance Overhaul (for purists)

All feedback and testing is welcome.