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Adds 75+ 'Mech variants to the Campaign +11 additional 'Mech variants to the Skirmish mode (with option to add to Campaign).

Add 45+ New Vehicle variants into the Campaign.

Optional 55+ 'Mechs based on Community Asset Bundle & lore based JumpJet assignments.

Permissions and credits
Variants Mod - includes files for all the 3025-29 era appropriate 'Mechs, which currently have model in game. (please comment in forums on any I missed)

Then follow the accompanying PDF instructions based on what you want to use

ModTek Method: Extract all folders into your ModTek Mods folder (should have already created this if you are using ModTek)..

NOTE : This version includes a home for the 3025 era mech/chassis defs that pair up with the FANTASTIC Community Asset Bundle mod - big thank you to all the Modelers out there that gave their blessings to include their files.  Some files have been slightly adjusted to make them Vanilla legal by Haree78 or myself.  Many of these files can also be found in the 3025 Extended mod.  The intention of housing them here, is for easy access for other mods.

The following 'Mechs are added:
  • Annihilator ANH-1A (part of CAB)
  • Annihilator ANH-1E (part of CAB)
  • Archer ARC-2K (part of CAB)
  • Archer ARC-2R (part of CAB)
  • Archer ARC-2S (part of CAB)
  • Archer ARC-2W (part of CAB)
  • Assassin ASN-21 (part of CAB)
  • Assassin ASN-101 (part of CAB)
  • Assassin ASN-SB (part of CAB)
  • Atlas AS7-A (from Record Sheets - but no known fluff)
  • Atlas AS7-D-DC  (uses the CommandConsole)
  • Atlas AS7-LL (unnamed variant from TRO description)
  • Atlas AS7-RS
  • Awesome AWS-8R
  • Awesome AWS-8V
  • Banshee BNC-3Q
  • Banshee BNC-3S
  • Battlemaster BLR-1D
  • Battlemaster BLR-1G-DC  (uses the CommandConsole)
  • Battlemaster BLR-1S
  • Black Knight BL-7-KNT (Note : this is just a correction of the BL-6-KNT that is used by HBS)
  • Black Knight BL-7-KNT-L
  • Blackjack BJ-1DB
  • Blackjack BJ-1DC
  • Blackjack BJ-1X
  • Blackjack BJ-3X
  • Cataphract CTF-0X
  • Cataphract CTF-2X
  • Cataphract CTF-4X
  • Catapult CPLT-A1
  • Catapult CPLT-C4
  • Centurion CN9-AH
  • Champion CHP-2N (part of CAB)
  • Charger CGR-1A1 (part of CAB)
  • Charger CGR-1A5 (part of CAB)
  • Charger CGR-1A9 (part of CAB)
  • Charger CGR-1L (part of CAB)
  • Charger CGR-SB (part of CAB)
  • Cicada CDA-2B
  • Commando COM-1C
  • Commando COM-1D
  • Commando COM-2D-BI (Blazing Inferno)
  • Commando COM-3A
  • Commando COM-J (from MechCommander)
  • Cyclops CP-10-Z-DC (for DLC - uses the CommandConsole)
  • Dragon DRG-1C
  • Enforcer ENF-3R (unnamed variant from TRO description)
  • Firestarter FS9-A
  • Firestarter FS9-K
  • Firestarter FS9-M
  • Flea FLE-4 (part of CAB)
  • Flea FLE-14 (part of CAB)
  • Flea FLE-15 (part of CAB)
  • Grand Dragon DRG-1G
  • Grasshopper GHR-4R (unnamed variant from TRO description)
  • Highlander HGN-733C
  • Hunchback HBK-4H
  • Hunchback HBK-4J
  • Hunchback HBK-4N
  • Hunchback HBK-4SP
  • Jagermech JM6-B
  • Javelin JVN-10A (part of CAB)
  • Javelin JVN-10F (part of CAB)
  • Javelin JVN-10N (part of CAB)
  • Jayhawker JHR-X0 (part of CAB)
  • Jenner JR7-A  (unnamed variant from TRO description)
  • Jenner JR7-F
  • Linesman LMN-1PT (part of CAB)
  • Loader King LDK-5C (part of CAB)
  • Locust LCT-1E
  • Locust LCT-1L
  • Locust LCT-3V
  • Longbow LGB-0W (part of CAB)
  • Longbow LGB7Q (part of CAB)
  • Marauder MAD-3D (part of CAB)
  • Marauder MAD-3L (part of CAB)
  • Marauder MAD-3M (part of CAB)
  • Marauder MAD-3M-DC (part of CAB - uses the CommandConsole)
  • Marauder MAD-3R (part of CAB)
  • Marauder II MAD-4A (part of CAB)
  • Nightstar NSR-7J (part of CAB)
  • Nightstar NSR-10C (part of CAB)
  • Orion ON1-V-DC  (uses the CommandConsole)
  • Orion ON1-VA
  • Panther PNT-8Z 
  • Panther PNT-9ALAG
  • Phoenix Hawk PXH-1 (part of CAB)
  • Phoenix Hawk PXH-1D (part of CAB)
  • Phoenix Hawk PXH-1K (part of CAB)
  • Quickdraw QKD-4H
  • Raven RVN-1X (part of CAB)
  • Raven RVN-2X (part of CAB)
  • Raven RVN-4X (part of CAB)
  • Rifleman RFL-3C (part of CAB)
  • Rifleman RFL-3N (part of CAB)
  • Rifleman RFL-4D (part of CAB)
  • Shadow Hawk SHD-2K
  • Spider SDR-5D
  • Spider SDR-5K
  • Stalker STK-3H
  • Stalker STK-4N
  • Stalker STK-4P
  • Stinger STG-3G (part of CAB)
  • Stinger STG-3Gb (part of CAB)
  • Stinger STG-3R (part of CAB)
  • Thunderbolt TDR-5D (from Record  Sheets - but no known fluff)
  • Trebuchet TBT-5J
  • Trebuchet TBT-5S
  • Trebuchet TBT-7K
  • Trooper TP-1R (part of CAB)
  • Urbanmech UM-R50 (part of CAB)
  • Urbanmech UM-R60C (unnamed variant from TRO description)
  • Urbanmech UM-R60L
  • Urbanmech UM-R60X (unnamed variant from TRO description)
  • Victor VTR-9A
  • Victor VTR-9A1  
  • Vindicator VND-1AA
  • Vindicator VND-1SIC
  • Vindicator VND-1X
  • Vulcan VL-2T (part of CAB)
  • Vulcan VL-5T (part of CAB)
  • Vulcan VL-BL (part of CAB)
  • Warhammer WHM-6D (part of CAB)
  • Warhammer WHM-6K (part of CAB)
  • Warhammer WHM-6L (part of CAB)
  • Warhammer WHM-6L-DC (part of CAB - uses the CommandConsole)
  • Warhammer WHM-6R (part of CAB)
  • Warhammer WHM-6R-DC (part of CAB - uses the CommandConsole)
  • Wasp WSP-1A (part of CAB)
  • Wasp WSP-1D (part of CAB)
  • Wasp WSP-1K (part of CAB)
  • Wasp WSP-1L (part of CAB)
  • Wasp WSP-1W (part of CAB)
  • Wolfhound WLF-1 (part of CAB)
  • Wolfhound WLF-1A (part of CAB)
  • Wolfhound WLF-1B (part of CAB)
  • Wolfhound WLF-2 (part of CAB)
  • Wolverine WVR-6D (from Record Sheets - but no known fluff)
  • Wolverine WVR-6M
  • Zeus ZEU-6A (from Record Sheets - but no known fluff)
  • Zeus ZEU-6S-DC  (uses the CommandConsole)
  • Zeus ZEU-6T
  • Zeus ZEU-6Y  

The following Vehicles are covered:
  • Alacorn Mk VI (part of CAB)
  • APC Heavy Wheeled 
  • APC Heavy Wheeled LRM 
  • APC Heavy Wheeled MG 
  • APC Heavy Wheeled SRM 
  • APC Sleipnir (this is a fix for the original to make it TableTop legal)
  • APC Sleipnir LRM
  • APC Sleipnir ML
  • APC Sleipnir SRM
  • APC Turhan
  • APC Vargr (this is a fix for the original to make it TableTop legal)
  • APC Vargr LL
  • APC Vargr LRM
  • APC Vargr SRM
  • APC Wheeled LRM
  • APC Wheeled MG
  • APC Wheeled SRM
  • ARES (part of CAB)
  • Bandit (part of CAB)
  • Bandit A (part of CAB)
  • Bandit B (part of CAB)
  • Bandit C (part of CAB)
  • Bandit D (part of CAB)
  • Bandit E (part of CAB)
  • Bandit F (part of CAB)
  • Bandit G (part of CAB)
  • Bandit H (part of CAB)
  • Behemoth (part of CAB)
  • Behemoth Armor (part of CAB)
  • Behemoth Flamer (part of CAB)
  • Bulldog AC2
  • Bulldog LRM
  • Carrier AC2
  • Carrier - Heavy LRM (part of CAB)
  • Carrier - Laser
  • Challenger MBT-XI (part of CAB)
  • Condor (part of CAB)
  • Condor Davion (part of CAB)
  • Condor Flamer (part of CAB)
  • Condor Liao (part of CAB)
  • Daimyo (Mobile HQ)
  • Darter
  • Darter SRM
  • Darter SRM2
  • Demolisher MG
  • Devastator (can use alt model in CAB)
  • Galleon GAL200
  • Goblin (part of CAB)
  • Goblin LRM (part of CAB)
  • Goblin MG (part of CAB)
  • Goblin SRM (part of CAB)
  • Heavy Transport B1
  • Hetzer (part of CAB)
  • Hetzer AC10 (part of CAB)
  • Hetzer Laser (part of CAB)
  • Hetzer LRM (part of CAB)
  • Hetzer SRM (part of CAB)
  • J Edgar (can use alt model in CAB)
  • J Edgar Flamer (can use alt model in CAB)
  • J Edgar ICE (can use alt model in CAB)
  • J Edgar MG (can use alt model in CAB)
  • J-27 (part of CAB)
  • J-27 Armor (part of CAB)
  • J-27 Fusion (part of CAB)
  • J-27 MG (part of CAB)
  • K-27 (part of CAB)
  • Longtom LT-MOB-25 (part of CAB)
  • MASH Truck (part of CAB)
  • MASH Truck ICE (part of CAB)
  • MASH Truck L (part of CAB)
  • MASH Truck UA  (part of CAB)
  • Merkava VIII (can use alt model in CAB)
  • Mobile HQ LL
  • Mobile HQ LRM
  • Mobile HQ ICE
  • Mobile HQ ICE - LL
  • Mobile HQ ICE - LRM
  • Morrigu (part of CAB)
  • Packrat (can use alt model in CAB)
  • Packrat ICE (can use alt model in CAB)
  • Packrat ML (can use alt model in CAB)
  • Packrat SRM2 (can use alt model in CAB)
  • Partisan (part of CAB)
  • Partisan AC2 (part of CAB)
  • Partisan LRM (part of CAB)
  • Pegasus (part of CAB)
  • Pegasus_MG (part of CAB)
  • Pegasus_MISSILE (part of CAB)
  • Pegasus_UA (part of CAB)
  • Po (part of CAB)
  • Savannah Master (part of CAB)
  • Savannah Master SL (part of CAB)
  • Schrek AC Carrier
  • Schrek PPC Carrier MG 
  • Scorpion LRM
  • Scorpion ML
  • Scorpion SRM
  • Skulker
  • Skulker MG
  • Skulker SRM
  • Striker LRM
  • Striker SRM
  • Swiftwind Cargo
  • Swiftwind Speed
  • Vedette (part of CAB)
  • Vedette AC2 (part of CAB)
  • Vedette Liao (part of CAB)
  • Zhukov (part of CAB)

The following Star League Era 'Mechs/Vehicles have been added (for use in Event / Story mods):
  • Griffin GRF-2N (Note : this is just a correction of the GRF-4N that is used by HBS)
  • Zephyr

The following 'Mechs have been added for Skirmish mode only:
  • Atlas AS7-D - Danielle
  • Atlas AS7-WGC Samsonov
  • Catapult CPLT-C1 Jenny
  • Dragon DRG-1G Douglas
  • Dragon DRG-2Y Yorioshi
  • Panther PNT-9R Tanaka
  • Stalker STK-3F Jagawen
  • Thunderbolt THR-5S-T Tallman
  • Victor VTR-9B Li
  • Vindicator VND-1R Vong

Feel free to read up on the lore for many of these variants in the Fan Made 3028 TRO.  Sarna Page below - link to the actual PDF is at the bottom of the Sarna page:

I will also be appending on an optional mod that adds in a few new weapons / ammo and the variants that use them (Variants noted in the above master list):

  • Binary Laser Cannon (an experiment in fusing 2 LL cores together.  Generates as much heat as 2 LL, but only does 75% of that total damage.  I added in a +10% to crit bonus as well, to represent the tandem fire.  There is a STOCK and + version in the mod - found on the Zeus ZEU-6Y)
  • Tronel Large Laser (an inferior LL that generates extra heat - found on the Panther PNT-8Z)
  • Agra Medium Laser (27C model that had issues meshing with Targeting Systesm - found on Jenner  JR7-A)
  • Blackwell Machine Gun (fires 6 rounds per burst instead of 5, potential for +3 damage - while chewing through ammo quicker)
  • (3) New MGs from Dr. Bansai

  • Half Ton MG ammo (used on both MG Vehicle Variants and 3 of the 'Mechs in the WeaponAmmo Mod)

  • Command Console (used on the GT_CommandConsole 'Mechs - grants multiple bonuses to its pilot)

  • Currently not working in 1.3.X

The following original game files have been adjusted to reflect the correct stats or fix typos:
  • Changed APC_Vagr - Stats to be a Heavy Vehicle, and internals imply it is 65 tons.  So tonnage has been adjusted.