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A new set of armor for a roguish female character.
Visuals only for: Female Humans, Half-Elves, Elves, Drow and Tieflings of normal body size.

Permissions and credits
I made it for my noble arcane trickster character, with bonuses to last until the end game ( but with some balance in mind ).
Includes custom dyes for 8 colors ( Red, Crimson, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black ) with 3 types of metal ( Gold, Silver, Bronze ).
You can also use vanilla dyes, but since it was made from different armor parts, it probably won't look good.

It's made for the female human body of normal size, so it will only appear on Female Humans, Half-Elves, Elves, Drow and Tieflings.

How To Get It:
  • It can be found in the tutorial chest ( see the screenshots ).
  • If you're past the tutorial, then use Tutorial Chest Summoning mod.
  • If you don't what to use Tutorial Chest Summoning, use this UUID to summon the "Noble's Chest": d11f7c7b-8984-4917-85f5-ec96813c95b3

Installation ( Wiki ) :
  •     Open "Noble Trickster's" and place the "NTG_Equipment.pak" here: \AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods\
  •     Start BG3ModManager and move the mod from "Inactive Mods" to "Active Mods".
  •     Save Load Order to File. ( Exaple ).


My Other Mods:
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Huge Thanks To:
Larian Studios - for assets.
padme4000 - for Blender Addons.
wesslen - for inspiration with Modular Equipment.
AnteMaxx - for Sample Equipment, Invisible Head and Body and Custom Backdrops.
Norbyte - for LsLib and Blender Exporter.
ShinyHobo - for Modder's Multitool.
DiscombobulatedDisc - for getting us closer to working Physics.
And all People on Discord for Help.