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She/Her, They/Them

Disabled . Autistic . Introvert


Thank you to userdomainerror for making my Budgie art into an icon for my mods <3

May be pauses between updates, and new mods.
I do this when I need to take a break for my health.

If you want to leave me a donation,
you can use the donate button below, or a send me a kofi.
My mods are not locked behind a paywall.
Nor will they ever be.
I will still make mods and update my mods
whether or not I get donations.
Thank you very much

My Links Carrd

And I would like to say thank you to all the people
who work on the tools that make my mods possible.

Thank you Warranty Voider,
all the Frosty Editor team
Resistance mod team,
Daemon01, ME3 Tweaks and explorer team and
to everyone for their work
On making modding possible for BG3 EA


This is the tool I use to create my hairs from scratch and hair textures


Discord Servers Suggestions -

if you need help with mods like the games I mod I suggest the servers there.

If you want to ask about patching my mods please approach me on the appropriate server that I am on.


Do not join those servers just to DM me. Please approach me in the appropriate channels on those servers.

Asking for help in the appropriate channels means if I am not around or can't help with your issue

that someone else might be able to help.

Thank you

Feel free to include my mods in videos whether they are showcasing mods, playthrough or fan music/story vids. Not a requirement but I just ask you consider linking to the mods being used to help others know where they are.