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Two custom hairstyles, a low braid and ponytail with physics and support for all vanilla races & body types, designed to be used with bang mods.

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What is this mod?

This mod adds a simple hair in the style of a pulled back braid, it comes in 3 versions with a Gold or Silver tie, or a Leather tie, it is also available for all the vanilla races and body types (Except for Dragonborns) and with support for several custom races.

I made this braid for my own Tav but I figured since it works just fine for everyone else that I may as well tidy it up and release it for others. Please do not expect this to be a full blown hair mod!

It is designed to be used with mods like P4 Bangs Bangs Everywhere so you can add your own fringe and details! It supports greying and highlights, and comes with a custom icon (albeit a lazy one, sorry!)

Version 2

Mod now comes with a low ponytail to match, supports all vanilla races (and the custom races listed below) and has physics. Comes in the same Gold/Silver/Leather tie options as the braid.

How to install?

Drop into your BG3MM mods folder and drag into your active mods!
Mod is available for Vortex downloads however I cannot troubleshoot Vortex related issues as I do not use it.

Known Quirks

The weighting isn't perfect, it might be a little odd in some spots (especially on big body males it seems) but I personally think for the most part it's fine.
You might find your braid wrapped around your neck in some scenes, I don't think there's much I can do for this as the physics I am using are vanilla, it's just the way of the base game physics sometimes lol.
The end of the braid does clip on some of the shorter races I have noticed, I think this is just the consequence of it being so long.

Custom race support

This mod comes with support for the following custom races.

Whispers of the Divine - Aasimar
Whisper of the Fey - Goblins
Whispers of the Fey - Changlings
Flutter and Whimsy - Fairy
Wine and Revelry - Satyr
Followers of Zerthimon - Githzerai
The Dunmer - Playable Dark Elf

If you are a mod author and would like support added for your custom race, feel free to drop a request.