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Adds all the hairstyles from character creation (and from some NPCs) to the beard, tail and horn slots, so you can mix them together! for all body types/shapes and races (excluding dragonborn).

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Hello, petal!
- And welcome to the description.

This is a bit of a personal project I've been working on for the past few weeks to make "hair mashups" in-game without having to load the models on an editing software,
it works by adding the vanilla hairstyles (87 in total, I think that's all of them) plus a bunch from some npcs (20+) to the horns, beard and tail slots, so you can mix them with each other and with the base hair slot.

All the hairdos have icons and are named to make browsing through CC filled UIs more convenient.

Over a 100 options to play with, so mix and match to your heart's content!

Files - READ THIS (please)

I found out (after lots of testing and flapping about) that adding beard slots to Elves and Drow makes the game crash when you click in "Randomize Appearance" - for whatever reason the game just can't handle moustachioed elves.

So the base files don't have hairstyles in these slots only for them. (You'll still crash if you have any other mods that make use of the Drow and Elf beard slots).

If you don't use the randomize function, or you really want that extra slot (and don't mind the aforementioned crash) then there's a version under optional files that adds them for you, luv.


- Improved UI (or the extra slots won't show up in character creation).
- Plus UI is recommended but not required, my eyesight is not what it used to be and this mod makes it much easier to spot the hair I'm looking for amidst piles of question marks from other mods.


Should be compatible with everything, including mods that add CC to the same slots. Custom Races will need to be patched - please contact me for adding support.

Available patches on this page (as of now):

Whispers of the Divine - Aasimar Race

The Dunmer - Playable Dark Elf Race


Chose your desired version(s) and download it, then you can either use BG3 Mod Manager (such a precious thing!) to import the .zip files or you can extract them manually and move the .pak to your mods folder.
Then (from the BG3 MM interface) you just need to drag them to the "active mods" load order on the left, save the current order, and export it to the game.
You can use the main files as a standalone or with each other, same thing for the optional ones.
And that's that!

Load order shouldn't matter but keep it close to the top before any big mods, just in case.

To uninstall it click with the right mouse button > delete mod > tick permanent in the bottom, and you're done!

Mods used in screenshots below -(all were taken with Reshade and the BG3 PhotoTool by Otis_inf.)

*A Visit with Volo - Astarion Reimagined´╗┐ - hair used in demo images, a favorite of mine =D

*Mari's Tattoo, Mari's Scars, Mari's Makeup, and Mari's Neck Tattoos - used in pretty much all of the pics (edited some things for personal use, though).

*KaiLime's Eyes (all of them) - lovely purple and bluish eyes you see in the tiefling and demo screenies.

*More Dreadlocks and Curly Hairstyles - gorgeous hair used in the tiefling pic.

*HGY Heads - Drow Head *chef's kiss*.

*Appearance Edit Enhanced - to change Gale and SH's appearance.

*Piercing Edits - most of the Piercings used in the pics.

*Ghouls Customization Compendium - earrings used in the tiefling pic.

*New Character Creation Presets WIP - Killer Githyanki Head

*A Visit with Volo - Gale Reimagined - used for Gale's head and textures 

*Vessnelle's Hair Collection - base hair used for SH and in the Elf pic.

*Might have missed some, but feel free to ask me about a specific one in the posts section.

A Special and Bodacious Thanks to:

- Norbyte for the LSLib (Export Tool) one of the pillars of BG3 modding, and what allowed me to dive through the files looking for these frisky IDs!

ShinyHobo for the BG3-Modders-Multitool, an easy and stress-free way to pack your mods, create meta files, generate uuids, pick colors and handle much of the brunt of the mod making process!

- Laughing Leader for BG3 Mod Manager, lovely way to organize your mod order, create test environments, and import mods into the game!  

- Padme4000 for the BG3 Mini Tool, was quintessential in adding the slots to the code´╗┐!
AlanaSP for Customizer's Compendium, got the visual resource ids for npc hairs from here since I couldn't find them in the game files.

-perseidipity for Kay's CC Icon Template, the only reason I figured out how to add custom icons!

- You! for reading the description (or, well, at least this line...)