Baldur's Gate 3

About this mod

Adds many new spells to all Wildshapes and gives each a more specialized purpose. All custom mechanics, new icons and much more.

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Ever used Badger? No? You aren't alone. When every Wildshape only has one or two abilities, why use one with less HP or that deals lower
damage? This mod fixes that.

Mod Philosophy
What this mod doesn't do: Add color variations, redundant Wild Shapes or fluff
What this mod does: Overhauls Wild Shapes to give them niches, adds many new spells to existing Wild Shapes and rebalances existing spells if needed and adds a single new Wild Shape (Giant Eagle, by popular request)

Syrchalis' Druid Mod Collection

These mods are developed and tested together.

If you are using Unlock Level Curve it must be loaded before this mod as it overwrites all Wild Shapes and will overwrite all changes by this mod. Wildshape Viability has Wild Shape stats defined up to Level 20 so it works very well with ULC.

General changes

  • Every Wild Shape has been modified to better fit a specific purpose
  • AC works different for Wild Shapes now*
  • Hitpoint values may have changed slightly
  • Many shapes scale better into the later parts of the game
  • All Wild Shapes gain a small bonus to Hitpoints after level 12 if you have a mod increasing the level cap

Enchanted Hide
*Every Wild Shape got assigned either 8 or 10 base AC. This is increased by DEX. You now also have a new passive called "Enchanted Hide". It increases your AC in animal Wild Shapes (=not Myrmidons) by your wisdom modifier. Overall this results in more even, better scaling AC. Bear, Owlbear, Deep Rothé and Sabertooth have 10 base AC, all other forms 8.

  • If you have 16 or 17 wisdom no form has below 13 AC at the start of the game
  • This quickly increases to 15-17 assuming 18 Wisdom, +1 DEX ('Hag Hair' or 'Dark Cloak' from my Druid Item mod) and +1 AC from various sources
  • Late Game you can expect 18-23 AC depending on how many bonuses you stack - this will not be as high as 23 AC if you don't have mods giving you AC bonuses (e.g. from additional feats)


  • Burrow is now a two spell combo
  • The first spell gives attackers disadvantage and immobilizes you
  • The second spell unburrows you at a target location, dealing low damage and knocking enemies prone
  • Multiattack added, usable on prone targets
  • Claw attack removed
  • Bite is your main attack and deals increased damage


Aggressive Support

  • Three new spells: Feral Surge, Interrupting Bark and Leadership Aura
  • Inciting Howl reworked - now single target but more powerful and costs only a bonus action
  • Exposing Bite is unchanged
  • Normal Bite attack deals reduced damage since you provide your allies with so much damage
  • Damage of Leadership Aura and Interrupting Bark scale with Level (here: Level 11)
  • At level 6, learn a slashing version of Lupine Slash - it has lower base damage, but better scaling than the Beast Master Wolf Companion version
  • At level 10, it upgrades to a version that deals Force Damage

Ranged Support

  • Gains two ranged attacks: Venomous Discharge and Urticating Hairs
  • Two utility spells: Cocoon and Ethereal Jaunt
  • Ethereal Jaunt becomes available at Level 4 and the model of your spider form changes to a Phase Spider
  • At Level 6 Ethereal Jaunt resets on kill
  • Bite attack unchanged

Defensive Support/Tank

  • Can use Multiattack after suffering 40% of it's health in a single turn
  • Goading Roar now grants you +1 AC based on how many targets you hit, uses a bonus action instead, but can only be used once per battle
  • New spell: Brambles

Deep Rothé

  • Ram and Rage added
  • Hit points were slightly increased
  • Effective hit points are massively higher since Rage grants resistance to physical damage
  • Does not use rage charges, available once per combat instead

Dire Raven
Flying Support

  • Available to all subclasses now
  • Model changes at level 8 and 12
  • Additionally gains Bad Omen at level 8 and On Black Wings as well as Overcast Skies at level 12
  • These abilities were taken from the ranger companion and were modified to work for Wild Shape and be more powerful
  • HP scales with level now


Giant Eagle (NEW)

See mod images for ability breakdown. The bullet points here are intended to give you an idea how you can use the Wild Shape and how it functions as a combat unit.

  • This form is exclusive to Circle of the Moon, similar to Bear and Dire Raven
  • The role of this new Wild Shape is to provide Bleeding, Dazed and Encrusted with Frost, giving disadvantage on CON, WIS and DEX saving throws to enemies respectively
  • Normal attacks and multiattack can apply Bleeding
  • Its Multiattack requires the target to be concentrating and has a chance to knock it Prone, making it extremely good at dealing with casters
  • Northern Gale provides the ability to reposition enemies while also priming them for many spells with the DEX saving throw disadvantage from Encrusted with Frost
  • Screech applies Dazed , giving you an easier time to hit CC and also attack rolls, as Dazed removes the bonus AC from DEX
  • Intimidation Aura allows you to fly around freely without provoking attacks of opportunity
  • It also has the passive "Magic Resistance" giving you advantage on saving throws against spells
  • While its AC is respectable among Wild Shapes the HP is among the lowest (not counting Raven/Cat), requiring you to use your mobility to avoid damage

Aggressive Tank

  • Multiattack - similar to Bear's but only has to take 25% of total health in damage in a single turn
  • Enrage costs 20% of your health and gives you 40% of your health as temporary hit points - if your temporary hit points are used up, enrage ends
  • During Rage, your abilities have greater force (knockback) and deal your strength modifier in additional damage

Ambusher/Damage Dealer

  • New spell: Maiming Swipe
  • Jugular Strike now requires the target to be prone, but has a high crit rate and ignores piercing resistance


Saber-Toothed Tiger

Fighter/Durable Damage Dealer

  • Jugular Strike has the same changes as Panther's
  • New spells: Primal Roar and Savage Swipe

Ranged Attacker

  • New spell: Acid Breath
  • Corrosive Spit now applies 2 turns of the AC debuff and is an attack roll, the AC debuff still requires a CON saving throw
  • As attack roll Corrosive Spit works with Extra Attack (Wild Strike)
  • The AC debuff can now be actively stacked by hitting the same target again with either spell

Myrmidon changes pending. Generally they are much more versatile and interesting out of the gate, so they were not my focus with this mod.

The mod replaces all Wildshapes (except Myrmidons) with its own, this should prevent any issues with other mods, but also means that mods that change vanilla Wildshapes will have no effect. The spells to transform are changed to link to the new wildshapes, meaning it is incompatible with any mod that messes with these spells directly.

Load Order
If you are using Unlock Level Curve it must be loaded before this mod as it overwrites all Wild Shapes and will overwrite all changes by this mod. Wildshape Viability has Wild Shape stats defined up to Level 20 so it works very well with ULC.

In general:
  • The mod loaded later/further down the list overwrites
  • Example: Mod A (loaded first) changes the field 'AmountOfTargets' on Firebolt to 2 and Mod B (loaded later) has it set to 1 then Firebolt will only hit 1 target
  • If the mods change different fields and use self-inheritance (recommended) then the changes merge - which can be desired or not
  • Example: Mod A (loaded first) changes the field 'AmountOfTargets' on Firebolt to 2 and Mod B (loaded later) changes Firebolt to deal 1d12 damage - if the mods use self-inheritance, you now get a Firebolt that hits 2 targes for 1d12

Syrchalis' Mods
Link to my user files where you can browse all my mods

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Essential Series
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