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Adds some new armor and clothing. See images/description for compatible body types.

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The Main version only adds items to the stocks of Dammon, A'jak'nir Jeera, Lann Tarv and Danthelon. The 'No Vendors' version doesn't add the items to any vendors or the tutorial chest. You can switch between these mid-playthrough.

To get the items in the Tutorial chest, install the Optional
Tutorial Chest Add-on and load it after the main file. This only adds the Armour Crate to the tutorial chest, you need to also install one of the main files to actually get the meshes etc.

New in v1.5.1
- vendors now sell items packed in the Armour Crate -- you can open it and buy individual items
- added 2 versions of sleeveless, no-leaf druid armor
- selunite robe and scale armor for body type 2
- monastic wraps for masc dragonborn
- harper armor for body types 3,4
- added harper hood
- fixed some clipping

New in v1.5:
- druid armor (landstrider) for all human body types, 4 versions
- selunite robe and scale armor for body type 1
- monastic wraps for body types 3, 4
- selunite, sharran armors grant proficiency when equipped
- lowered item weights, STR 13+ characters should be able to pick up the crate
- fixed some meshes and passives


This mod adds new armor sets, some clothing and some accessories (cloaks and headgear). Currently, this mod adds:


Gilded Haf Plate (4 skirt/shoulderpad combos) - medium armor based on the Half Plate model. Custom visuals for all Humanlikes, Githyanki and male Dragonborn.
Fur Collar Breastplate - medium armor. Fur collar for human-like body types.
Astral Plate - heavy armor for Githyanki and non-strong Humanlikes.
Heavy Plate (2 skirt versions) - heavy armor based on the Armor of Persistence model, with plate armor pants. Custom visuals for male Humanlikes and male Dragonborn.
2 base game robe models that were (I think) unobtainable.
Mystran chain shirt - medium armor that uses an alternative mesh for non-strong female Humanlikes
Mage Tunic (2 versions) - for non-strong female Humanlikes
Adventurer's Gear - Roguish clothing for non-strong Humanlikes.
Drow Leather Armour (2 versions) - light armor for all Humanlikes
Pugilist's Leathers - cloth armor, visuals for Humanlikes and dwarves
Bonebreaker Armour - medium armor, visuals for Humanlikes and dwarves
Plated Leather Boots, Pointed Sabatons - boots, new visuals for Humanlikes, Dragonborn and Dwarves

Sharran Plate Armour (2 versions) - heavy armor for slim Humanlikes
Selunite Plate Armour - heavy armor for all Humanlikes, male Dragonborn
+ matching boots, gloves, helmets
Monastic Wraps - cloth armor for all Humanlikes, Githyanki

Darksteel Chain Mail - medium armor for humanlikes, male Dragonborn
Nightwarden Armour - medium armor for femme humanlikes
Harper Armour - light armor for all humanlikes

Landstrider Armor (6 versions) - light armor, all humanlikes
Selunite Robes, Selunite Scale Armour - slim humanlikes (body type 1,2)

Other body types will just use the default appearance of the armors, but you'll probably get some skirts clipping because modded items tend to have weird physics. By Humanlike I mean Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Drow, Tieflings and Half-Orcs.

Other Items
Cultist Fur Collar - Absolute cult fur collar for all body types. 2 versions for Cloak Slot and Headgear Slot
The Astral Plate and Gilded Half Plate have matching boots and gloves.
Adventurer's gear and Heavy Plate have matching boots.

Circlets, 3 cloaks:
Arcane Mantle - All Body types
Rich Cloak - Has bad weights/physics for some body types. *
Shoulder Drapes - No physics for Strong Body Types. One strip for males, two for females. *
Opulent Cape - visuals for githyanki and slim humanlikes, Note: there was no mesh for human males, so I used the gith male mesh, there's some clipping into the shoulder
Cloak of Avarice - should work for all body types

* - These are using meshes from the game files. They weren't intended to be available in-game so they clip with a lot of armors, and can have weird or missing physics.

Should be fine to install/uninstall mid-game. Make sure to unequip all items before removing the mod.


I used the original skirt meshes so they still have physics. Still, modded items have different/more extreme physics, so the skirts/belts can be twitchy and there is some clipping. I tried to minimize that and hopefully it's not too noticeable.

Some of the new armors have skirts/fur with edited physics and they're even jankier. Nothing I can do about that other than disabling physics on the mesh

The Armor Crate is heavy, low strength characters might not be able to pick it up. Just take the items separately.


Armors are strong and intended for level 8-10+. Most of them don't look like the stuff a low level character would wear anyway.

Even then, most of the gear has the passives of several Rare/Very Rare/Legendary items. So, probably OP even in the late game.

You can use Transmog Enhanced or change the stats by unpacking the mod and editing Armor.txt. 

I'd like to add a version with more reasonable stats at some point so suggestions are welcome.

Dyes pictured

Extra Dyes for the Fashionable Folk of Faerun
Basket Full of Equipment SFW/NSFW
P4 NPC and Outfit Inspired Dyes
Boring Dyes
Boring NPC Dyes

Izzli's Pigments and Tinctures

Special Thanks to:

Padme4000 for the Blender addons and tutorials
Norbyte for LsLib and ShinyHobo for the Modder's Multitool
DiscombobulatedDisc for the article on cloth physics