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Over 800 pieces of new armor and equipment, mainly for humanlike races.

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Basket Full of Equipment SFW

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What is the Basket Full of Equipment?

The Basket Full of Equipment is an equipment mod for Baldur's Gate 3, that I started on November 2020. So very earlier stages of BG3's Early Access. It contains one thousand pieces of equipment in the NSFW version, and over 800 pieces of Equipment in the SFW version.

The NSFW version has over 400 pieces of armor slot items, but while all of these items have unique visuals, all of them have identical stats. So from a gameplay point of view, the Basket has only one unique piece of armor equipment. The Basket outfits can be worn by any class at any level. A Basket outfit that looks like a robe has the same stats as a Basket outfit that looks like heavy armor.

The Basket armors have stats that adapt to player armor proficiency and level. They aren't perfectly balanced, but they should be good enough that a casual player should have no problem using Basket equipment throughout their playthrough.

Limited Race, Gender & Body Type Equipment Visuals

In BG3, all visual pieces of equipment require individual 3D models and visual asset resources for each race, gender and body type combination. This means that it is much more work to include visuals for all characters. As a result, most BG3 armor mods, including the Basket, will always come with certain limitations on who can equip which pieces of equipment.

The humanlike races, Human, Elf, Drow and Tiefling are the races with most visuals in the Basket items. Strong body typed humanlike races need their own visual, so they aren't supported to such an extent. Half-Orcs use the Strong body visual and Dragonborn use the Strong visuals for some items, but not for all items. New visual options will be added to the Basket equipment released during EA, but this mod will always remain mostly human centric.

Feminine humanlikes have almost 700 visual items. Masculine humanlikes have over 500 visual items. All other races and body types have less visuals.

The Basket armors use icons with a feminine humanlike character wearing the items. This is only a design choice, and has no impact on available visuals.

Available visuals are listed in the item descriptions, as shown in the example item, Brown Blacksmith Belt.


The Basket items also contains some custom and modified spells. The most important spell is Conjure Basket Full of Equipment. It allows you to summon a Ghost Basket that disappears after 10 rounds. All items left in the Ghost Basket are deleted, but items taken out are permanent. Only take out the items that you actually need. If you keep all the 2 000+ items in the Ghost Basket, and frequently conjure new Baskets, you might experience slower performance.

Another interesting spell is False Education that allows you to temporarily add different class tags to your character, for dialog choices.

Other spells include: Spell Recovery (recover spent spell slots for free), Squad Cleanse (remove dirt and blood from characters), Squad Heal (strong heal for your party, outside of combat), Invisible Woman (hide any character for better screenshots), Transform into NPC (transform any character to Gale or Shadowheart).

There are also a few free to use spells, these include: Speak with Animals, Read Thoughts and several combat spells (that are also stronger than vanilla ones).


The Basket also contains some texture edited weapons, and weapons with vanilla appearance. The weapons start out as standard weapons, though they are magical. The weapons get more powerful as the player gains levels. At level 3 you get +1 enchantment bonus and 1d4 magical damage. At level 5 the magical damage increases to 1d6. At level 7 you get +1 enchantment bonus.

The weapons also come with augmented spells, that can be a bit OP, at lower levels. But you can simply choose not to use those spells.


The Basket armors have stats that adapt to player armor proficiency and level. They aren't perfectly balanced, but they should be good enough that a casual player should have no problem using Basket equipment throughout their playthrough. All armor slot items have a base AC of 11 with Dex modifiers and are considered clothing. If you have medium armor proficiency, you gain an extra +2 to AC. At level 4 you gain +1 AC, at level 7 you gain +1 to all ability scores and at level 10 you gain +1 to AC.

There will be more powerful armor and less powerful armor in the game, but with this system you should not have any major issues with using the armor throughout your playthrough.


The Basket contains all dyes from the base game as well as several custom dyes. These Basket Dyes allows you to color items to similar color palettes used by the Basket items. There are also several dyes to specific items, such as a darker blue color for the Ocean Queen themed items.

How to acquire

  • At the starting area on the Mind flayer ship, turn around, and behind you on the higher area is a Basket Full of Equipment.
  • There is also a Conjure Basket Amulet in the Mind flayer chest at the Mind flayer pod room, past Shadowheart.
  • At the Ravaged Beach there is a Basket Full of Equipment next to the broken pier.
  • You can purchase a Conjure Basket Amulet from the trader at the Druid Grove. You can also buy it from the following NPCs: Talli, Lann, Figaro and Roah. A long rest may be required for the merchant's inventory to update.
  • Download Dash Summons a Basket mod, to temporarily change Dash action to summon a Basket Full of Equipment.
  • There is a Conjure Basket Amulet in the Non Visual Accessory Pouch in the Basket.
  • Alternative way is by using a Cheat Engine table to add items. You can add the Conjure Basket Amulet "b4ba1d2e-519a-4438-afd0-e845b34ea80d" to gain all the items. Search the internet to find a Baldur's Gate 3 table that contains an item spawner function.

How to modify Armor and Weapon stats (For Advanced Users Only!)

For advanced users, I've added an option to customize the Equipment stats. The armor and weapons have been designed to adapt to player class and level which makes them a viable option for most playstyles. If you want something else, download CustomizeEquipmentStats.rar and extract it to Baldurs Gate 3\Data. Armor.txt, Weapon.txt and Passive.txt will then be located here: Baldurs Gate 3\Data\Public\BasketEquipmentSFW\Stats\Generated\Data. Follow the ReadMe located in the rar file. Next to the txt files.

Remember to always download the newest version of this RAR file after each update. Otherwise new armors and weapons added in the updates will not work. Use optional files at your own risk, as there is a certain amount of skill required.

Installation. Manual method (For Advanced Users Only!)

Use the following entries:

            <node id="Module">
              <attribute id="UUID" value="b200f917-43ec-45d9-9dff-ac6191d62388" type="FixedString" />

            <node id="ModuleShortDesc">
              <attribute id="Folder" value="BasketEquipmentSFW" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="MD5" value="" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="Name" value="BasketEquipmentSFW" type="LSString" />
              <attribute id="UUID" value="b200f917-43ec-45d9-9dff-ac6191d62388" type="FixedString" />
              <attribute id="Version64" value="144115196665790673" type="int64" />

Installation with Vortex (Warning! High Risk of User Error!)

Load the with Vortex. Make sure your Vortex settings are correct.

I do not currently recommend using Vortex as there is a significantly higher risk of user error with Vortex compared to BG3ModManager. Watch a tutorial on YouTube if you want to use Vortex. Use the following search terms: Baldur's Gate 3 Vortex. You should be able to find a recent one made for the full version.

Installation with BG3ModManager

  • Start BG3ModManager
  • Use File -> Import Mod...
  • Refresh.
  • Move the mod from inactive mods to active mods.
  • Save Load Order to File

How to Update the Mod (Manual & BG3ModManager)

The simplest way to update the mod is to simply copy the new PAK file to the Mods folder, AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods, and replace the old one. This method should avoid any problems that might arise from changes to mod load order if you have a lot of mods installed.

You do not need to make any changes to the modsettings.lsx file if you are updating manually.

For BG3ModManager you can use the Save or Export Order and Import Order commands before and after the update to make sure the order isn't changed by the update process. You use the Import Mod command to to update the mod.

This mod doesn't care about mod order, but other mods might, so this is only a precaution due to other mods, if you do not have other mods, the mod order naturally doesn't matter.

Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Fixer

This mod includes the same ForceRecompile.txt file that the BG3 Mod Fixer has. So if you have the  Basket mod installed, you do not need to also download the Mod Fixer.  Having the fix included in any mod works the same as having the Fixer as a separate mod. No other fixes are included in this mod, just the  ForceRecompile.txt that makes mods work.

I have also included a version of the mod that doesn't include the ForceRecompile.txt. You cannot start a new game without the fixer, but you should be able to load games without it. So if you experience issues, you may try switching to the version without ForceRecompile.txt,

ForceRecompile.txt will eventually become unnecessary, when BG3 receives full modding support. I will at that time entirely remove the txt file from the mod.

Conflicts with other mods

This mod does not replace or alter any vanilla files, so if there are conflicts with other mods, the cause is likely on the other mod's side. Never use outdated BG3 mods, but if you must, at least do not use them with this mod.

Replaced base game files

Currently no base game (vanilla) files are replaced by this mod.

How to Uninstall

BG3 doesn't currently support modding, nor removing mods during existing playthroughs. Equipment mods should be safe to remove, after you have unequiped all modded equipment from all party members, including those at camp. After Patch 3, equipment mods should now be safe to remove even if modded equipment are equipped.

If you are having issues with updating the Basket to a newer version. You can use a similar method to fix those issues. Reinstall the latest working version, unequip all Basket equipment, save. You can now update the mod and re-equip everything. The odds of this issue happening are fortunately low.

How to Report Bugs

This mod has around one thousand items, most of them having many different racial visuals. So there is a lot of things that could go wrong, and as such all bug reports are much appreciated. However, most reports I have received have not been bugs, but user error or features of the mod.

If you are having issues with Vortex mod manager, do not report them here, as they are not bugs on this mod, but rather Vortex just still not working perfectly with BG3. There is nothing unique about this mod and problems with Vortex can be solved by looking elsewhere for answers. Or ideally, not using it at all until all the issues have been resolved.

Most Basket equipment have limited racial visuals. Karlach for example is a Feminine Strong Tiefling, for her to have visuals, these attributes need to be listed on the item's description ingame. Missing racial visuals are not bugs, but a feature of BG3 modding in that there aren't always available visuals for all races. And even if there are, it is much more work to try to support all races and body types. You can request new additional racial visuals, but their absence is not a bug.

Using dyes do not always work on modded equipment, so please do not report dying issues as bugs.

Minor visual glitches may not be bugs, as this mod does not aim for 100% perfect visuals. In many cases that is impossible. So when the choices are to release slightly imperfect visuals, or not release them at all, I usually choose the former. You can still report all visual glitches, as there is no real way for players to know what is a bug that I might be able to fix, and what isn't

Cloth physics do not yet work perfectly on modded equipment. The situation is currently evolving and we may soon have perfect cloth physics on modded equipment, but we are not there yet.

When you make a bug report, make sure to provide the correct name of the item and the race and body type of the character that experiences these issues. A screenshot uploaded to is also appreciated. Bug reports should also be made on the Bug Report tab and not on the Comments tab.

Known Issues with All BG3 Mods

Conditional bonuses, such as the Basket Armor's +2 AC for players with Medium Armor Proficiency, are currently bugged in vanilla BG3. On load the bonus is temporarily absent, but can be restored by switching any piece of equipment, casting any spell that affects stats or short resting.

Level based weapon enchantment bonus, such as on the Basket weapons, does not apply to damage, only to hit chance.

I have reported these bugs to Larian and have received confirmation that they are working on fixing them, but since they only affect modded equipment, it might not be a high priority to them.

Special Thanks to
Norbyte - ExportTool
ShinyHobo - Modder's Multitool
lucrorpg - Showcase video
Xiamon - Nightsong Bracer 3D asset fix