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adds 54 new dyes to the tutorial chest and vendors. colours are all pretty muted. includes extremely melodramatic item descriptions for no reason other than i could :)

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do most of the available dyes in game pierce your eyes every time you play? 

have you ever wished to look like the human version of a puddle of mud? or perhaps a hospital gown?

do you simply hate fun and brightness?

then look no further, because these are just the dyes for all you careful and conservative souls out there! 

grab this muted and muddy delight from your tutorial chest TODAY

looking for even more dye options to add to your game?

Boring Pastel Dyes

Aether's Black Dye

Astralsprout's Extra Dyes

Padme4000's NPC and Outfit Inspired Dyes

Techroot's FaerunColors


install using bg3mm. (instructions here)

dyes can be found in the tutorial chest on the nautiloid. if you want to still access them mid-playthrough, i recommend this mod!

(see documentation page for dye uuids)

dyes can also be found with various traders:

act 1:
arron at the emerald grove
dammon at the grove
grat the trader at the goblin camp
derryth in the myconid village

act 2:
harper quartermaster at last light
mattis at last light
dammon at last light
lann tarv at moonrise

act 3:
bartender at sharesses caress

solely made possible by

AstralSprout's Custom Dye Mod Guide

Padme4000's Dye Template

ShinyHobo's Modders Multitool

Norbyte's lslib tool

(thank you!! <3)

custom outfits pictured:
big image: legendary guardian armor
outfit 1: elven chainmail from basket full of equipment
outfit 2: high death knight armor from basket full of equipment
outfit 3: sorcerer's tunic from more mage gear
outfit 4: ciri's clothes
outfit 5: shirt of set's will from mudd's curios