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Adds some new equipment for mages. Custom armor visuals for Male and Female non-strong Humanlikes, Male Dragonborn, Half-Orcs and Strong Humanlikes, and Female Githyanki.

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This mod adds 16 new clothing items, 2 circlets, 2 sets of gloves, 2 rings, 2 sets of boots, a cloak, a dagger and a staff. Made this for my storm sorcerer playthrough, because I found mage gear to be a bit samey compared to the nicer variety/progression of armors.

The clothes are made from game assets, and use the meshes of the Protecty Sparkswall, Bided Time, sleeveless Sorcerer and Gortash robes with the skirt part removed and made to fit new pants. The items are all combinations of each robe + one of 2 pant options +  Jaheira's skirt or no skirt. I used the original mesh of Jaheira's skirt so it still has physics, but moves a bit odd sometimes.  

All other items just use game assets and add some stats.
Custom visuals for males and females using the non-strong human body type, male Dragonborn/Half-Orcs/Strong Humanlikes and female Githyanki.  Any other body types should just use the original appearance of the robes.

New in v1.4.1
Fixed boots after Patch 4, fixed some clipping on Strong Male Sleeveless Sorcerer outfits.

Should be safe to update mid-game.

New in v1.4
Added custom visuals for Male Dragonborn, Male Half-Orcs, Male Strong Humans/Elves/etc. and Female Githyanki.
Added another pair of boots with the same stats as the Disintegrating Night Walkers.

Note: I made Female Githyanki use the same meshes as female humans, so they look less wiry when wearing these outfits. You might also get some clipping with gloves/boots on female Githyanki because of this. This mod's boots should look fine, as they also use the human mesh for the female gith body.

New in v1.3.1
Added Polish Localization, courtesy of Yerbaster
Made some spell/item icons a bit nicer

New in v1.3
Added outfits that use the top part of Gortash's robes. Armor and camp gear. Dyes are pretty hit or miss with this one.
Added 2 rings that give the same boosts as the Potent Robe and Robe of the Weave. 
Also added a staff with the same stats as the Spellsparkler.
Items should spawn on vendors after a long rest.

New in v1.2
Added outfits that use the sleeveless Sorcerer Robe top. Armor and camp gear. Should appear on vendors after a long rest.
Also added a 'No Vendors' version, if you want to keep trader inventories tidy. Personally, I had no issues when switching between the normal mod and No Vendors version.

New in v1.1
The outfits are also available as camp gear. Note: I didn't add bracers, so camp gear has elbow length sleeves, same as the armor.

The camp clothes can be found in a bag inside the backpack in the tutorial chest, and are sold by Arron in the druid grove, Volo and Danthelon. (As a Clothes Bag, with all models)


Clothes Bag price shows up as 1gp, but that doesn't account for its contents. Actual price is about 50gp. Also note that you purchase the whole bag, but its contents get dumped into your inventory. 

I couldn't get custom textures to load into the game, so all items use the default textures and most of them also use the default dye maps. They can be recolored just fine, but sometimes you get weird results because they were part of different armor meshes. The original textures also mean there is a difference between the shiny/silky top part and the more velvety skirt mesh.

The cloak can be a weird color when you first equip it, it's fine once you dye it.

There might be clipping or invisible headgear for the other body types.

Skirt cloth physics can get weird, especially on the bigger bodies.


Item stats are similar to what I'd be using in Acts 2-3, with some extra spells per long/short rest, or QoL features like advantage on Perception/Insight. Definitely OP in the beginning of the game. Unpack and edit Armor.txt to customize them.
The rings are OP, but are there if you want better stats without editing the files.


The items can be found in a backpack inside the Tutorial Chest, and I've added them to the vendor lists of Arron in the druid grove, Volo and Danthelon.

Hope I haven't messed anything up, this is the first time I worked with adding new meshes/items/spells/etc into the game.

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Special Thanks to: 
AnteMaxx for the Sample Equipment mods
Druundev for the awesome Custom Armor tutorials
ArthurRevan whose Noble Trickster's Garments mod inspired me to try this, and helped me understand how to add spells/effects/containers
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