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Adds feats to the game - adds Eldritch adept, elven accuracy, infernal constitution, squat nimbleness, everybody's friend, poisoner, skulker (see detailed description). Optional file: order feats.
1.57 Fix: TB SS missing descriptions (removed progressiondescriptions.lsx)

Permissions and credits
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  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • German
  • French


  • Artificer Initiate
  • Bountiful Luck
  • Chef
  • Crossbow Expert (fix)
  • Crusher
  • DragonHide
  • DwarvenFortitude
  • EldritchAdept
  • ElvenAccuracy
  • Ember of the Fire Giant
  • EverybodysFriend
  • Fade Away
  • FeyTouched 
  • Fighting Initiate      
  • Flames Of Phlegethos
  • Fury of the Frost Giant
  • Gift of the Chromatic Dragon
  • Gift of the Gem Dragon
  • Gift of the Metallic Dragon
  • Guile of the Cloud Giant
  • Healer
  • Infernal Constitution
  • Inspiring Leader
  • Keenness of the Stone Giant
  • Metamaigc Adept
  • Observant
  • Orcish Fury
  • Piercer
  • Poisoner
  • Remarkable Recovery
  • Rune Shaper
  • Second Chance
  • Skill Expert
  • Skulker
  • Shadow Touched
  • Slasher
  • Soul of the Storm Giant
  • Squat Nimbleness
  • Svirfneblin Magic
  • Strike of the Giants
  • Telekinetic
  • Vigor of the Hill Giant
  • Wood Elf Magic

Note: NO feats are limited by race, not sure how to do it and choice and fun is better.
1.57 Fix: TB SS missing descriptions (removed progressiondescriptions.lsx)
1.56 Fix: Ember of the Fire Giant -searing ignition lasts until attackers next turn.
1.55 Fix: Crusher Feat - works at range per 5e.
1.54 Amend: Eldritch Adept can now be taken multiple times.
1.53 Add giant feats, fix crossbow expert feat BA attack
1.52 Fix: Feytouched CHA Bless, Guile of Giants 
1.50 Add: Strike of the Giants
1.49 Add: Guile of the Cloud Giant (READ article for implementation)
1.48 Fix: Fey Touched - Bless
1.47 Fix: Piercer Feat- offhand attacks criticals (really fixed)
1.46 Fix: Piercer Feat- offhand attacks criticals
1.45 Fix: Fey Shadow Touched +1 stat, Remove +8 int from Skulker (oops), Can remove Poisoner Kit for Poisoner Feat.
1.44 Fix: Skulker- if you miss a ranged attack (and not in vision cone) you will hide. Optional file: add-on file to put feats in alphabetical order.
1.43 Fix: CrossbowExpert Add Gunner (remove the range limitations, per Sage Advice, ty Reakd)
1.42 Fix: CrossbowExport Add Gunner (see Article)
1.40 Fix: Dwarven Fortitude
1.39 Fix: Remarkable Recovery  Fix: PAM BA now works with Shillelagh
1.38 Add: Bountiful Luck Fix: PAM, Piercer Feat [Read the article- few changes, so make a save before hand] thanks Siaell for Bountiful Luck code idea
1.37 Fix: Artificer Initiate- apologies, every spell was unlocking Disguise Self
1.36 Add: Second Chance, Orcish Fury, Artificer Initiate, Fade Away, Remarkable Recovery, Svirfneblin Magic and Chef [See article].
1.35 Fix: Skulker and Gift of Chromatic Dragon descriptions
1.34 Fix: Elven Accuracy and Invisibility (and a proper fix thanks to Wesslen!).
1.33 Temp fix for Elven Accuracy and Invisibility
1.32 Fix: Gem Dragon dmg is now 2d8; Change Dodge Icon (hopefully works with controllers)
1.31 Fix: Gem Dragon reaction not working
1.30 Fix: crusher feat and Wood Elf spells
1.29 Add: chromatic dragon feats from Feats Expanded (thanks to Riesun28)
1.28 Change: crusher move (after doing damage you will get a temporary skill to move the target)
1.27 Change: dodge animation, spells are unlocked via script extender (consistant with combat actions mod).
1.26 Add: Piercer Feat (thanks to Riesun28)
1.25 Fix: FeyTouched, Wisom, Huntersmark; and new icon for Dwarven Fortitude for controller
1.24 Fix: Crusher works with any bludgeoning damage.
1.23 Fix: Elven Accuracy vs Incapacitated or Unconscious enemies.
1.22 Fix: Telekinetic - should use spelldc, also pass or fail it will work on allies.
1.21 Fix: Feytouched Command (spell version is now unlocked after using LR version).
1.20 Fix: Healer (correct descripton and works per short rest- thanks NuptupTDOW)
1.19 Fix: Slasher Feats (thanks shannon97)
1.18 Fix: .lsf roottemplate
1.17 Add: better descriptions, thanks to NellsRolo [Please support them and their fantastic mods!]
1.16 Add: Polearmmaster bonus attack - added ExecuteWeaponFunctors(MainHand)
1.15 Fix: Elven Accuracy (Turn On, but turn off Ask, otherwise youll get a pop up every single time you have advantage).
1.14 Fix: Crusher works if you make a non bludgeoning attack first in the round.
1.13 Fix: Dragon Hide claws (and dmg from tavern brawler is added directly into the attack). Added removeonrespec to Eldritch feat.
1.12 Fix: Telekinetic push and pull
1.11 Add: Dragon Hide claw works with Tavern Brawler (gives separate dmg from StrengthModifier)
1.10 Fix: telekinetic push/ pull should no longer proc extra attack (with combat actions mod)
1.09 Fix: Inspiring Leader- using wrong target radius
1.08 Fix: Dwarven Fortitude- monk dodge and you get +1 Con, FeyTouched & ShadowTouched spells can now also be cast with spellslots [Use the once per LR version to unlock]
1.07 Fix: Inspiring Leader (gives tempHP based on caster charisma and the allies level) [I know it should be caster's level but normally everyone has the same level]
1.06 Fix: Mage Hand part of the telekinetic feat

1.05 MAJOR UPDATE: merge feats from More Feats into Feats Extra[thanks @Djmr]- Crusher, FeyTouched, Fighting Initiative, Healer, Inspiring Leader, Metamagic Adept, ShadowTouched, Slasher, Telekinetic.

1.04 Fix: Skill Expert added [You need current version of ImprovedUI thanks @Djmr]
V1.03 Fix: Flames of Phlegethos (choose int or cha). DO NOT USE SKILLED EXPERT (ill fix or remove next update)
V1.02 Add: Flames of Phlegethos, Fix: elven accuray (re-rerolls), dex wrong stat/ name [BUT- dont use with str attacks as I couldnt block that]  See Articles.
V1.01 Add: Dragon Hide, Wood Elf Magic and Observant feats.
V1.00 Initial release