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Increases default size of container's grid available without scaling. Plus a few QoL improvements.

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Better Containers
Hotfix #11 ready (vanilla "Take All" button bug from patch #4 fixed)

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Mod Description
This mod addresses some vanilla container UI issues.

  1. Grid is tiny. 3x5 default grid means you need to rescale it by dragging small scale button every time you open one of your bags. With this mod default grid is 6x7 (or 5x5 if you prefer middle ground), 8x9 is also available.
  2. "Sorting options" button is a weird joke. No point to hide sorting behind this button if you can give access to it right away. With mod "sorting options" is gone for good, you have access to sorting and inventory toggle button from the start.
  3. When you are instinctively trying to drag window by grabbing its upper part of panel, you click on forementioned "sorting options" button instead. All other panel parts are not especially convenient for grabbing. Mod makes room in upper part of the panel for dragging.
  4. Game is trying to render container's panel over container's model. That means once you started scaling it you can't see character and container anymore. Also when you summon inventory panel container will always overlap it. Mod will render panel to the right of container and slightly lower (not always, mind it, only if UI space is enough), trying to make container's items ready for drag and dropping to inventory panel when you call it.
  5. On max height scale container's scale button leaves panel space. Scale button in the right bottom corner will stick to panel space (with a cost of minus one row of max height tho).
  6. Container name, content's weight and value in gold added. May come in handy for evaluating loot containers.

There are beta versions of containers in Optional Files - they have Take All button vanilla bug fixed, but not fully tested.

If you have older loose files version - first remove container.xaml from game folder. Then simply drop .pak from archive to user/appdata/local/larian studios/baldur's gate 3/mods or install with BG3 Mod Manager (suggested mod manager for BG3)/Vortex. In Mod Manager mod should be in Overrides.

For controller users: every version includes UI for controllers (8x9 100% grid), you don't need to install separate version anymore.

Remove mod's .pak manually or with BG3 Mod Manager/Vortex.

Compatible with Improved UI.
May be incompatible with other mods that mess with the same UI .xaml.
Pavelk's Mods Compatibility Page

Works fine on ultrawide.
Works fine in MP even if not all players have it installed.
Compatible with controllers.

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