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Adds more contextual info to Target Info panel (resistances/vulnerabilities, item value, number of items in containers etc).

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Better Target Info
Patch #6/hotfix #18 ready

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You have so many mods! Do I need them all?
A: It's up to you! You can use one, 5 or all of them, each covers specific widget and can be installed or uninstalled at any moment without any issues. Most have sub-versions to choose from, including auto-hide versions, versions for ultrawide screens and for controllers. Check the list in the end of every mod's description page, you will find something to your liking.

Q: I already have Improved UI installed. Why do I need your mods?
A: Improved UI is a great mod, but it covers very specific things mostly - character creation UI, world tooltips and custom classes support. My mods improve almost every widget in the game, from containers to hotbar, from maps to loading screens. Don't hesitate to use both IUI and my mods, they are fully compatible and complement each other.

Q: I want UI to be immersive - fade-out when I'm not using it. Is that possible?
A: Absolutely! You need to download so-called "auto-hide" versions of: Better Hotbar 2, Better Maps AIO, Dynamic Sidebar and Better Combat Log 2. Those widgets are always visible in vanilla, but with forementioned mods they will fade-out in 2 sec after mouse stoped hovering over them. You can use them all or hide only those widgets which distract you.

Q: Are there requirements for your mods?
ANope. They do not require mod fixer, script extender, Improved UI or anything else.

Q: What mod manager should I use with them?
A: Any or even none! With BG3MM when you are importing them, they will go to Overrides, keep them here. For Vortex set them as replacers. They will also work without any mod manager, just copy paks inside archives to \users\...\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods folder.

Q: Are they compatible with X mod?
AMost likely! The only hard incompatibilities are Immersive UI by Aetherpoint and a few mods removing related widget elements by Fahadbh.

Q: I have an issue with one of your mods, what do?
A: Read carefully description page, then Sticky in comments. 95% chance you will find your answer here. if not, describe your issue the best you can, preferably with reliable way to reproduce it, and add your setup description (mod manager, override mod list, version of the mod, aspect ratio, SP/MP etc). I usually solve issues in a few hours.

Q: You don't have change log, outrageous!
A: I do have actually. Its in Sticky (Posts tab) of related mod.

Q: I want a custom version of your mod!
A: I used to make custom versions back then. Now with over 70 mod files to update and maintain very little time left for specific requests, so I can't promise anything. But you are welcomed to DM me, at least I will answer if its doable.

Q: I love your mods, can I support you somehow? / Your mods are godawful, can I somehow help you to get better?
A: You can donate a penny via Nexus while downloading mods or Patreon (link is at the bottom of every mod's page), that will help me to spend more time on modding. Simple kind words is no less appreciated.

Q: Why do you hate controllers and don't support controllers UI?
A: I do not hate controllers, but controllers UI normally requires writing another mod for it from the scratch. I'm adding support in some time after KB/M release usually.

Mod Description
This is a clean-up and improvement of target info panel (one you see on top of the screen when hovering over objects in the game - items, containers and NPC). Main idea behind it - to give vital info about items/NPC without visiting Examine menu and making widget more compact overall.

What was changed:

  • Item value and icon added - you don't need to check Examine menu to figure out if you want to grab that trinket.
  • Number of items in containers added (and value of content when container was opened once) - may come in handy when hoarding and managing your chests on the ground.
  • NPC icon and race added - you won't believe how many items and NPC art you have never seen in the game.
  • Resistances and vulnerabilities added - right under the hp bar, no need to check via Examine every time. Also tags were reworked (glowing shield contours instead of arrows).
  • Statuses readability improved - huge status pies shrinked, but text made slightly bigger.
  • HP and Name aligned and made bold.

Three versions are available, install only one:
  • Normal, with all mentioned shenanigans,
  • with Damage Preview additionally,
  • Lite (only resistances and vulnerabilities added, otherwise panel is vanilla).

Simply drop .pak from archive to user/appdata/local/larian studios/baldur's gate 3/mods or install with BG3 Mod Manager/Vortex. In Mod Manager mod should be in Overrides. Mark mod as replacer in Vortex.

Remove mod's .pak manually or with BG3 Mod Manager/Vortex.

Compatible with Improved UI.
Compatible with controllers.
Works on any aspect ratio.
Should work in MP with different versions installed on client side (UUID is the same for all versions).
Not compatible with my Damage Preview mod (Target Info version of it).
May be incompatible with other mods that mess with the same UI .xaml (TargetInfo.xaml, Images_k.xaml, Targetinfo and Shared assets).
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