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Hacienda Tweaks make some adjustments around the Hacienda and related buildings.

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Please download "Hacienda Tweaks (default farm module limit)" if you have any issues with hacienda farms...
or if you just not need a different module limit

Hacienda Tweaks make some adjustments around the Hacienda and related buildings.

- change module limit (streets) to 9999
- remove needed adjacency for modules (streets can be placed freely )
- increase Hacienda radius to 300 to cover the whole new island ¹
- remove radius increasement due to residents (not needed)
- change base module limit of farms from 64 to 66 (99 with tractor) ²
- change production time for all brewerys and fertiliser works to 15 seconds 
- increase fertiliser works radius and influence to whole island

¹ this also means that the radius touch other islands if you build Hacienda on a smaller island, but I think its no problem.
² just changed because it better fits for my personal building style, feel free to change it as everything else in assets.xml, just look for "66".

Just download the archive and drop the mod to your anno 1800 mod folder (example D:\Games\Anno 1800\mods\)

Please note that mods that also change Hacienda are probably incompatible ^^