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Provides general improvements and cheats to the game.

Permissions and credits
Please refer to the Change Log for update details. Enjoy!

This mod fixes or improves some of the little things that annoy me about the game. If they annoy you too then you might enjoy this mod as much as I do. 

This mod provides the following general improvements and cheats to the game:

    ·     Reduce the growth time of harvestable plants by 1/3
    ·     Increase Maximum Damage of some blocks to 10000 (motion sensors, relays, farm plots, asphalt)
    ·     Increase the Fuel Value of Wood Logs
    Entity classes
    ·     Increases backpack linger times
    ·     Increases the zombie loot drop probability
    ·     Increases the amount of experience gained by killing some larger animals
    ·     Increases the amount of health and stamina for both male and female players by ten times
    Item Modifiers
    ·     Make Dyes stackable (Quantity: 500)
    ·     Change 1,1,2,2,3,4 ModSlot values to1,2,3,4,5,6 Items must be remade for this to take effect
    ·     Increases the effectiveness of the wrench
    ·     Increases the effectiveness of the chainsaw
    ·     Increases the effectiveness of the auger
    ·     Increases Bullet Damage numbers
    ·     Remove Bullet Block Damage
    ·     AdminDiggerGun does entity damage
    ·     Decrease Melt times (May impact performance if you have a lot of forges melting)
    ·     Decrease Craft times for some common items (Instant crafting!)
    ·     Increase bonus provided by a Bellows(faster smelt times)
    ·     Increase Fuel Value for wood and coal
    ·     Remove recoil from most guns
    ·     Improve the durability of most guns
    ·     Increase Magazine sizes 
    ·     Increase the walk and run speeds of both types of Military Boots
    ·     Increase the heat and cold protection of the Leather Duster
    ·     Increase the amount of metal you get from smelting 
    ·     Radiators, 
    ·     Doorknobs, 
    ·     Candlesticks, and 
    ·     Trophies
    ·     Triple the amount of food and health received from canned food
    ·     Created bundles for:
    ·     Bullet tips Bullet casings
    ·     Buckshot
    ·     Paper
    ·     Scrap Polymers
    ·     Forged Iron
    ·     Forged Steel
    ·     Dukes
    ·     Broken Glass
    ·     Cement
    ·     Cobblestones
    ·     Concrete Mix
    ·     Electric Parts
    ·     Mechanical Parts
    ·     Leather
    ·     Yucca Fiber
    ·     Cloth
    ·     Feathers
    ·     Removed the Scavenging Time for alllevels. (Instant open items)
    ·     Reduce the number of materials needed to make a Shotgun slug
    ·     Reduce the crafting time for ammobundles
    ·     Reduce the crafting time for thrown ammo
    ·     Reduce the crafting time for most other bundles
    ·     Reduce the raw meat need to craft associated food recipes
    ·     Add Recipes for the following terrain blocks:
    ·     Forest Ground (requires Cement Mixer)
    ·     Sandstone (requires Cement Mixer)
    ·     Add Recipes for the following canned foods:
    ·     Large Beef Rations (requires Campfire)
    ·     Chicken Rations (requires Campfire)
    ·     Lamb Rations (requires Campfire)
    ·     Add recipes for the following:
    ·     Scrap Polymers
    ·     Acid
    ·     Spring
    ·     Added recipes required for the Additional Bundles created in Items
    ·     Fill six empty bottles from one bucket of murky water
    ·     Add recipes to create ammo bundles from raw material bundles
    ·     Increased amount of ammo sold 
    ·     Increased ammo-making supplies sold
    ·     Trader inventory reset daily
    ·     Increase the speed, motor torque, and/or brake torque of all vehicles (may impact performance - delete the vehicles.xml file to remove.)

All XML files are clearly commented, so if you don't like a feature feel free to edit the XML and make a custom version for yourself.

Let me know what you think. I'm always open to suggestions and comments. Please don't forget to hit the endorse button if you like the mod. It's a big help! Thanks!

I'd also welcome any donations (Patreon)! Thanks!

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The best way to install mods is to use a mod manager. I use Vortex. But there are others available such as Mod Organizer 2 and Nexus Mod Manager. There should be a button to learn more about Vortex on the Nexus webpage. The other two can be downloaded from Nexus; just search for them. There are videos available on YouTube on how to install and set up these programs. They might also help you decide which of the three you'd like to use. Installing a mod is then just as simple as pressing the button on the download page. Your installed mod manager will do the rest.

To install a mod manually:
1. Back up your game files! 
2. Create a folder called "Mods" in your 7 Days to Day installation folder - "\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die"
3. Extract the folder in the Mod's zip file into the Mods directory. Each mod you install should have its own directory.
4. Start the Game
5. Done