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Last updated at 19:30, 22 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 1:25, 2 Jul 2014

This mod gives you ability to customization of regeneration rates of health,
magicka and stamina depending on player's actions.


  • Powered by SkyUI (for MCM only)
  • Supporting modes: sleeping, waiting, sitting, running, sprinting
  • Supporting for potions and food
  • Supporting for a combat mode
  • Supporting for items and magic effects, abilities



Updating from 3.x:
  • Just overwrite files (install new version) and continue playing
Updating from 2.x:
  • Deinstall old version as described in this README (see below)
  • Install new version as described in this README (see below)


Versions 3.xx of this mod should be compatible with everything.
You have to enable or disable options and look if your mods are working
properly with Realistic Regeneration.

This mod modifies player variables:
  • HealRate
  • MagickaRate
  • StaminaRate

In most cases the mod is NOT compatible with any mods
which change player variables above somehow (doesn't matter how exactly!).

The mod does NOT change any NPCs values.
The mod does NOT change any race values.
The mod does NOT change any variables for potions, food, etc.

Fully compatable:

Partially compatable:

Load order

Starting from version 2.09 I had changed magic effects: "FoodRestoreMagickaDuration" and
"FoodRestoreStaminaDuration" like it was done in vanilla for "FoodRestoreHealthDuration".
Before that even with stamina rate = 0.0 you were able to regenerate the stamina via food.
Now mod is working as intended for food too (i.e. control the regeneration rate as user want it).

This is minor changes, but for some potions and food mods you must place this mod after them
in loader list so changes to take effect.


When you awake after a sleep (or waiting) you may notice that health [magicka, stamina]
after a few seconds passed has been increased (decreased) to a new value.

As intended (at least at this moment).


Q. Realistic, you said? This is not a realistic!
A. Real reality is not exists. Each of us feel reality on his own.

Q. Numbers... I don't understand them!
A. In vanilla game player has static values for HealRate = 0.7, MagickaRate = 3.0, StaminaRate = 5.0

Q. Why I am able only to decrease values?
A. As intended. This is a hardcore mod. Sadly to say, but vanilla game is too easy on my taste.

Note: starting from 3.04 you're able to increase values as you wish.

Q. What's about potions, food?
A. Supported.

Q. What's about weapons, fights?
A. Already planned this feature. Comming soon.

Note: starting from 3.04 was added "Courage" option, so your fights might looks more realistic.
E.g. stamina may regenerates up to +20 points/second. Currently, the feature is testing.

Q. How exactly works settings for potions, food, etc?
A. Settings for potions has highest priority.

The default regeneration rate is placed under "Staying" settings. It has special priority.

Priorities from highest to lowest:

1. Waiting/Sleeping/Werefolf ***
2. Potions
3. Food
4. Spells (abilities)
5. Items
6. Combat
7. Sprinting
8. Sitting/Running
9. Staying <- so called "default" rate

This means that potion's settings will overwrite any other settings,
but for a limited amount of time.

*** Currently waiting/sleeping/werewolf settings overwrites any settings,
including potions, food, etc settings.

Q. The regeneration rate when sleeping/waiting too high!
A. Yes, as intended. In game hours will be converted to real ones.
Otherwise, to gain the new value for health/magicka/stamina you should wait
same amount of hours in real.

Note: starting from 3.04 the formula was changed and a regeneration when sleeping
or waiting slower than was before. New formula looks like:
  Points per Hour = 36 * <hours> * <rate>


For NMM, MO users:

  • Download, install and activate mod as any other.
  • Follow instructions from p.3 below

For all:

1. Unpack the contents of the archive to your "../Skyrim/Data" folder.
2. Check Realistic_Regeneration.esp file in mod manager.
3. Run Skyrim via SKSE exe file.
4. Enter to Mod Settings and exit from menu: Esc -> MOD SETTINGS -> TAB -> TAB.
5. Wait 5-10 seconds until you have to received the message "Realistic Regeneration Disabled"
    at top right corner of a screen.
6. Enter to Mod Settings and customize on your taste.


1. In Mod Settings disable the mod and wait 5 seconds.
2. Save the game.
3. Disactivate the mod in mod manager.
4. Delete files which mod is containing from "../Skyrim/Data" folder (for non-NMM/MO users)