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Hello, and welcome! During my modding times I've made heavy use of modder's resources from many different places, and I've always felt like I would like to give back to the community somehow. So here we are!

Remember that all of my resources (otherwise noted) are meant as statics or fixed containers - If you enable havok with these meshes selected in the Creation Kit the program will most likely crash, so please don't~

I am not very talented so there isn't much I can offer, but if there's something that has always bothered me, it is how difficult it is to decorate houses in Skyrim. Good luck trying to make food stay on top of dishes, even if you set them to not havok settle! So I've used the food plates from Oaristys and Tony67's Modders Resource Pack in almost all of my houses. But I always wanted to have a little more variety, so after I asked Oaristys for permission, I got started on 3 food variants of all available pottery styles in vanilla Skyrim except for Dwemer and Basic, which are already included in Oaristys and Tony67's resource pack. Be sure to take a look!

The additional silver sets are part of the vanilla game, but slightly modified so they'd be statics and wouldn't roll around. All meshes (except for the inn sign, obviously) use vanilla textures, so if you have retextures or high-resolution packs they will look a bit different from the screenshots.

I haven't checked if there is new pottery in the DLCs as I haven't started playing them yet, but if there is, or if I missed something else, please let me know and I'll add some right away. I may expand this little pack in the future if I come across any good ideas or find myself in need of something for a house or whatnot. If you'd like to see something, tell me and I'll see what I can do.

I'm also including a generic inn sign for people who want to make their own tavern, and a blank one in case you may feel like making some custom artwork. I know the textures I included aren't that great, but what can I say, I did say I am not that talented, haha! And, last but not least, there is a simple medal display, as this was something I wanted for a house I was making but could not find one anywhere. Special thanks go to BrettM, of FPI Experiment Pack 1 fame, for inspiration and permission to base my display case on one of the shelves included in the FPI Experiment Pack 1.

- UPDATE 05/03: Added a couple of new things - desk clutter and some smithing thingamabobs. Check the pictures!

- UPDATE 05/25: Added offering plates. Working with gems is such a hassle...

- UPDATE 05/26: Added some new stuff! Eye jars (I used the Argonian eyes one here and made some human-looking eye textures to match - I know the textures are kind of bad, but I did say I'm not good at texturing...), a static closed basket that I've used as a container in several of my mods, a cleaning set with a broom, bucket and such, and an embalming basket for a dungeon or necromancer's home.

- UPDATE 05/28: Added a hanged skeleton for spooky scary mods.

- UPDATE 07/06: Added bottled ships, a wooden toy ship, and a narrow noble divider. All of the bottled ships (except for BottledShipModelWooden) are MASSIVE when placed in the Creation Kit for the first time - they're the size of regular ships! Simply downscale them to the minimum the CK and they will look perfect. Also, two meshes in particular (BottledShipLarge01 and BottledShipLargeKatariah02) are really heavy, about 4 MB each in size. To cut on mod size, you can use the empty bottles I included in the download, and place the static ships directly inside in the CK. Keep in mind, however, that people using mods such as Animated Clutter will have these ships bob inside the bottles, so if you'd rather play it safe, use the pre-bottled versions.

- UPDATE 09/04: A tiny update - uploaded single-sided and double-sided inn sign meshes and my old generic and blank inn textures as a separate file, for people who may want only those.

- UPDATE 09/05: Added some loose glass panes (no collision so you can access what's behind them) for custom display shelves, windows and such, as this was something I needed and decided to leave here. There are versions with and without a decorative edge.

UPDATE 09/06: Added small tabletop pictures. These obviously require custom textures for the canvas. I included several in the download with screenshots I took (Icicle is my Skyrim character, by the way), but they're not very good in my opinion so feel free to make your own! They are about the size of a bottle of mead, for reference.

UPDATE 10/30: Added an updated wooden chair model with all sitting furniture markers (front, left and right). The wooden chair is one of my favorite pieces of furniture but it annoyed me immensely that the model itself only had a front chair marker, so here you go. I also included some low-poly bottled ships after I found a mesh in the game files of a suitable model ship. Not as detailed as my other bottled ships, but way lighter in filesize!

UPDATE 02/15: Hello everybody! I haven't modded Skyrim in a long time (focused on New Vegas...) but today I put together a couple of things I needed, and thought I'd share. There are small flower arrangements (all in cups, goblets and tankards) for a bit of colorful decor, a tray with tasty treats, a basket of drinks and a barstool with the regular chair markers (front, left and right) so it displays the regular animation instead of the default barstool animation.

UPDATE 02/16: I bring a little trifle today - clay lanterns. Originally traps, which I took apart and turned into tabletop lamps. Fidgety collision as usual, so put a collision box around them and you'll be golden. They have animated fire and candlewick effects for your enjoyment. The vanilla texture for the lamps is, truth be told, hideous, so I'd recommend installing a mod such as Ruins Clutter Improved by raiserfx.

UPDATE 04/23: Today I'm uploading a bunch of stuff I had been hoarding so I could make a proper good update instead of just one or two meshes. First we have a group of colorful basket textures that I recommend you apply to your new baskets through a Texture Set. I also am including a bunch of square planters with different designs at the behest of the almighty Elianora. The upload includes a basket filled with books, a basket filled with fish, and a series of wooden boxes (existing but unused vanilla asset) with different stuff inside, all meant to be used as containers. And, last but not least, some misc stuff. A cute little note in a bottle that can be used as a harvestable to collect the note inside (the scroll will actually disappear, thanks to Tamira!), an open display case without collision (a request, so you will need to put collision markers around it), a dwemer urn with a lid that can be hidden through a Null Texture Set to use as a planter or decoration, and a havoked rolled bedroll - basically the horse hide mesh with an edited UV map so it would use the bedroll texture. Just a clutter item, not usable for sleep!

As this is a modder's resource, you can use the meshes and textures in your own mods as long as credit is given and you do not make profit from them. Maybe shoot me a PM so I can check out your mod!

There are only meshes and textures in the download, no .esp file. If you don't know what to do with these, take a look at this tutorial to get started. I've included a link to the tutorial in the download as well. Oaristys also has written a great tutorial in the description page of the great Modders Resource Pack. The collision on these is a bit wonky, unfortunately, and their flags are static, so make sure to use these as containers or statics to decorate your mods in order to avoid issues.

I have also released some similar resources for New Vegas, in case you may be interested!

Thanks go to the Niftools team for giving us Nifskope, Bethesda for the vanilla meshes, and both Oaristys and BrettM for help and permission to base my work on theirs. You guys rock!