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The Uchiha Clan (from version 1.10 and onwards, Dawnguard is required! The corresponding Unofficial Patch is highly recommended.)
Author: esuriddick
Permissions: As long as you grant credit to where you picked up the files, you can do whatever you want with the files. Thanks! You must ask permission to the respective authors for the following assets:
Bound Blades Katana: A big thank you to Gruftlord, for allowing the use of his assets. You can find the original mod HERE.
Naruto Susano'o Ribcage: I would like to say thank you to Kurasa25, ninjademon, and Kpheonix57. It was thanks to their work that I'm able to place the long awaited Susano'o Ribcage in this mod. You can find the original mod HERE.
The eye of the Uchiha: The eye was created by BadGremlin. You can find the original mod HERE.
Deva Path's Chakra Receivers: It was created by robert101410 & 1a1a.
Alternative Gunbai: a big thank you to leinad1313 for adding more choices to Skyrim's players! You can find the original mod HERE!

0. Index
1. What does the mod add?
2. Required files/programs
3. Installation
4. Bugs / Warnings
5. MCM
6. Recommended mods to improve the experience
7. Videos related to the mod
8. Common problems and solutions

1. What does the mod add?
New Race (based on the Breton Race)
"The Uchiha clan was one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure, and was also reputed to be the village's most powerful clan, producing shinobi that were exceptionally talented and battle-oriented. Together with the Senju clan, they founded Konohagakure, but is now almost extinct after the events of the clan massacre."

Starting Attributes:
- Health: 50
- Magicka: 50
- Stamina: 70

Favoured Skills:
- One-Handed and Two-Handed: +10
- Illusion, Destruction, and Light Armor: +5

Special Abilities
- Uchiha's affinity with fire: Grants a 50% resistance to fire.
- Sharingan Awakening: A spell which will give you the ability to use the Sharingan once you meet certain requirements. Casting it will unlock new abilities if the requirements are met or will tell you how much longer until you unlock a new ability if you're not ready. This depends strictly on the number of kills and murders you have.
- Refresh Sharingan: A spell which allows you to re-select your path the next time you cast Sharingan Awakening. This spell can only be used once a day.
- Eyes' Manager: A spell to store your default eyes. Only needs to be cast once unless you change the look of your default eyes. If you change your eyes you'll have to cast it again so it can save your new eyes.

Note on Using Sharingan Awakening: The spell can't be cast in combat and should be cast as soon as your adventure begins(when you're somewhere safe of course) so you can pick your Path right away.

Note on Upgrading the Sharingan: The number of people killed includes all characters and enemies. Murders are defined as causing the death of a non-hostile character (followers and summoned creatures who kill on your behalf also count).

Note on Mod Updates: Whenever the mod is updated, cast Refresh Sharingan to reset it and then Sharingan Awakening twice* so that the mod gives you the appropriate spells and abilities. This is necessary because between versions spells and powers are subject to change as well as their properties. For example, if a bug fix is implemented simply installing the new version will not work because your save file is still working with the old, faulty version. Refresh Sharingan resets the mod and Sharingan Awakening restarts it the right way, using the new scripts.

*-You need to cast it twice, once for picking your path and another after choosing for upgrading your powers to what level it should be in.

Quest to grant the player the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
After you unlock the Mangekyou Sharingan, the more times you use Mangekyou skills related (e.g. Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi), your eyesight will progressively become worse. Your screen will start to have a tunnel vision effect, which gets worse the more Mangekyou skills related you use. After 20 uses, your vision is so bad that the colours will be in greyscale.

The Cure:
Just like in the original Uchiha Clan mod for Oblivion, you will have to kill someone and get his eyes. After a certain amount of uses (about 7 in total), a courier will be sent with a letter and a key explaining everything to you, just like a normal quest.
WARNING: The character you have to kill is very strong. Be prepared!

The Five Uchiha Paths (check pictures for more detailed information):
Itachi's Path:
You will be able to unlock: (1) Fireball Jutsu; (2) Tsukuyomi: Mirage Raven; (3) Izanagi; (4) Tsukuyomi that paralyses for 30 seconds and causes 15 damage to health of the target per second; (5) Amaterasu (2 stages); (6) Itachi's Susano'o.

Sasuke's Path:
You will be able to unlock: (1) Dragon Flame Jutsu; (2) Chidori; (3) Chidori Eisou; (4) Chidori Nagashi; (5) Kirin; (6) Tsukuyomi that paralyses for 15 seconds; (7) Amaterasu (3 stages); (8) Sasuke's Susano'o; (9) the Rinnegan.

Madara's Path:
You will be able to unlock: (1) Fireball Jutsu; (2) Great Fire Annihilation; (3) Tsukuyomi that paralyses for 15 seconds; (4) Madara's Susano'o; (5) The Rinnegan (with some Mokuton jutsu included).

Tobi's Path:
You will be able to unlock: (1) All of the spells that exist in the Tobi Pack + some more related to Tobi's abilities; (2) the Rinnegan.

Shisui's Path:
You will be able to unlock: (1) Fireball Jutsu; (2) Body Flickering Technique; (3) Draconian Methods; (4) Izanagi; (5) Tsukuyomi that paralyzes for 45 seconds; (6) Three different stages of Kotoamatsukami (1st Stage: Makes target your friend for a limited time; 2nd Stage: Makes target your follower; 3rd Stage: Makes target commit suicide).

Upon unlocking the Mangekyou Sharingan, the Itachi and Shisui paths obtain the ability to use Izanagi. Unlike the anime, for balancing purposes, instead of permanently taking away one of your eyes it only takes it away for a day. You can sleep/wait it off if you want to. Since one of your eyes is gone, however, you won't be able to use some of your Mangekyou Sharingan jutsu until it heals.

It lasts forever, until you cast it again. You can choose between the new and old mechanism in the MCM. Under the new mechanism, every damage you take will be taken away from your Magicka (no damage is made to your Health). When you run out of Magicka, Susano'o will automatically dispel itself. Under the old system, Susano'o will constantly drain a set amount of Magicka while providing you with armour and magic resistance. Damage is made directly to your health. It CAN kill you if you don't disable it to recover.
Susano'o has three main Stages you can use.

-Stage 1 is the basic ribcage mode, this mode adds decent protection while allowing you to use your own weapons, spells, and other abilities freely.

-Stage 2 is a large skeletal structure, this mod only has melee capabilities but it protects you further.

-Stage 3 is more complex, at the cost of much more magicka each character's Susano'o has different abilities.
Sasuke's Susano'o: Offensive - Long Range
Itachi's Susano'o: Defensive - Close Range
Madara's Susano'o: Offensive - Close Range
(Check pictures for more details on each Susano'o)

After getting 250 people killed or more (you can check this by pressing "Esc", go to "General Stats" tab, and then go to the section "Combat"), go read the Uchiha Wall with any of the three paths which can unlock the Rinnegan: Madara, Sasuke, or Tobi.
You will find a new option there that allows you to obtain the Rinnegan, the conditions for each path may vary.
After obtaining the Rinnegan in any path, all other paths with access to the Rinnegan will also have it unlocked.

2. Required files/programs
- Skyrim Script Extender (version 1.7.1. or up)
- Latest Version of Skyrim (Vanilla)
- Dawnguard (from version 1.10 and onwards)
- Skyrim Naruto Anime Overhaul - MUST BE THE ONE FROM THE SKYRIM NEXUS
- RaceCompatibility

3. Installation
1. Download and install with the Nexus Mod Manager.
2. Make sure that the Skyrim Naruto Anime Overhaul loads first, and this mod loads after it. You can check this on the launcher, by pressing on "DATA FILES". Or, in the Nexus Mod Manager.
2b. Using a tool like LOOT to automatically sort your load order will ensure your game works properly.

1. Download the file manually.
2. Extract the contents to the folder "Data", inside of Skyrim's folder.
3. Make sure that the Skyrim Naruto Anime Overhaul and RaceCompatibility load first, and this mod loads after them. You can check this on the launcher, by pressing on "DATA FILES".

4. Bugs / Warnings
  • It seems that you may get the visit of one of your clones (from Izanagi) on your own marriage. It won't break your game, don't worry. (Needs testing to determine if it was fixed)
  • Kotoamatsukami bug: NPCs will stop their suicide animation and attack the player if the player attacks them when they are doing the animation. This also applies to Trolls and Giants. (No fix found so far)
  • Regarding Tobi's Path Spells:
    1. When you have someone in the jail, switching from one cell to another in the “real world” (for instance, get inside a new room in the “real world”) will sometimes make the person in the jail disappear from the Void. - No idea how to solve this issue. Think it might be associated with leveled creatures respawning, since for Phinis Gestor and the librarian of the Winterhold College, for example, they stayed in the jail. Also, tried with creatures that I placed that weren't supposed to level with the player and they also stayed.
    2. Sometimes, dead enemies that you try to teleport back to the real world will simply disappear. From what I figured out, they don’t disappear, but simply aren't put directly on the place where they were supposed to be. They are placed somewhere around it. Anyway, loot them before sending them to the real world! :)
    3. Teleport scripts are always prone to bugs. I did my best to minimize all possible bugs, but they may occur. If they do, loading the game should fix it. If not, quit the game, start it, and load the game. If for some reason, when teleporting yourself to the Void, you are bugged, don’t worry, since you and your follower will be teleported to Whiterun (default position that Darkfirebird used and I decided to choose it as well).
    4. Both Endon and Enthir are the reference for the teleport (that is, you teleport to the person itself, not a marker on the map), so weird stuff may happen when teleporting to them (with me, nothing actually happened, but just leaving you the warning :) ). What happened to me was getting teleported to Enthir room and he isn't there, because he is on the bench near the stairs (this is the way of the teleport to protect you from getting into an awkward position ;) )

5. MCM
There are four different categories within "The Uchiha Clan" menu: Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Miscellaneous.

- Inside the Miscellaneous section, you can choose to permanently implement  the Sharingan's texture or the Mangekyou's textures to your eyes. However, since they're both permanent, they will overwrite the Rinnegan's texture if it's active. Simply disable them if you want your eyes to back to normal or if you want to see your Rinnegan.

- In the Rinnegan section, you can select whether you want to use Sasuke's textures of the Rinnegan so it matches the ones you see in the show.

- Remaining options are self-explanatory and, when hovering over them, you should see a description of what they do on the bottom of the screen.

6. Recommended mods to improve the experience
- Replace the Moon with the Moon Eye Plan of Tobi
- Akatsuki and Naruto overhaul from Naruto Anime
- Anime Ninja Sprint
- Naruto Konoha Underground
- Showracemenu Alternative

7. Videos related to the mod
- How to install this mod?
- Showcases of the mod in English by HiroStormwolf
- Showcase of the mod in French by Kogami Fujin 狡噛 風神

8. Common problems and solutions
Courier is not showing up!
If waiting in Whiterun doesn't work, write this: "setstage aaaEternalMangekyouQuest 5". Afterwards, wait a bit in Whiterun (can go sleep in an inn and then come out and walk around a bit)
Write "setstage aaaEternalMangekyouQuest 20" and "help "Key to Naka Shrine" ". Then, write "player.additem CODEOFTHEKEY".

Eyes are broken due to the invisibility (from Izanagi for instance) or underwater
- Invisibility and Underwater Eyes Mesh Fix

When casting Sharingan, my attack speed decreases, by a lot!
Disable Slow Speed Immunity in the SkyUI menu OR follow the steps on the bottom (under the title None of the above solutions seems to work!)

When I became a vampire, my Sharingan stopped showing!
Use Vampiric Thirst, it lets you become a vampire and remain looking human.
It's also a really nice Vampire Overhaul that makes Vampirism really fun and the MCM lets you customize it to suit your needs.
Better Vampires can also help. It has a spell that temporarily lets you look human.

Brawls are bugged! They take out weapons and attack me!
Use this mod to fix it:

I'm trying to become VL, but it doesn't happen. I get all vampire powers (transform & etc.), but I can't feed and I don't have VL eyes. Everyone in the Castle Volkihar hates me (but not trying to kill).
You may need the Vampiric Thirst mod or Better Vampires, besides the Racial Compatibility.
If you already have those then the problem is in your game somewhere and it is not being caused by this mod in any way.

Getting weird buggy killmoves using Susano'o stage 2/3!
Paste this at the bottom of your Skyrim.ini:
It won't disable killmoves, just disable the cinematic, this way you won't get weird cutscenes.
It will also prevent the paralyse bug where an enemy is paralysed before they're hit from happening as well as "Time Sickness."

All conjured weapons causes my game to CTD including the chakra blade!
Try the solution presented HERE!

When using Susano'o all I get is a naked, flaming headless body!
Update the mod properly. Notes on how to do so are above (see "Note on Mod Updates").

None of the above solutions seems to work!
As a last attempt to fix your issue, download this: and follow these steps:
1) Uninstall this mod.
2) Start the game.
3) Use "player.dispelallspells".
4) Save.
5) Exit.
6) Use the tool to clean all the orphan scripts denoted with a # even if they're not Uchiha related.
7) Start the game.
8) Use "player.dispelallspells".
9) Save.
10) Exit.
11) Install this mod.
12) Start the game.
13) Open console and type "player.setrace aaaUchiha" without quotations.