New Slow Time Shout Visual by ChessPirate
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Added: 06/08/2013 - 03:35AM
Updated: 26/05/2017 - 03:04AM

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Last updated at 3:04, 26 May 2017 Uploaded at 3:35, 6 Aug 2013

New Slow Time Shout Visual

Tweaks the "Slow Time" Shout to change the "whiteout" effect to a colorful, oversaturated one.
The Shout still works the same, only the Visual is changed.


Extract New Slow Time Shout Visual.7z to your Skyrim install directory.
The New Slow Time Shout Visual.txt file will extract to the install directory.
The New Slow Time Shout Visual.esp file will extract to the <installdir>/Data

Upon starting Skyrim, ensure that the New Slow Time Shout Visual.esp is active.
It shouldn't matter where it loads unless there is another active mod that alters
the "SlowTimeImod" Editor ID under "SpecialEffect-Imagespace Modifier".

Version 1.1 Changelog:

- The whole time this Mod has been on the Nexus before this change, it has had the files for the
  "Slow Time Shout Tweaks" Mod, and I stupidly didn't notice. It now has the right files and a
  "Duration" setting that *would have* shortened the Shout by about 6 seconds has been reset.

Version 1.0 Changelog:

- The "SlowTimeImod" Editor ID under "SpecialEffect-Imagespace Modifier" has been changed.

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