• Daggerfall Customs (Preview) for Oblivion

    This is a small Preview, The point of this release is to see if people are interested in seeing most of The Elder Scrolls Chapter II Models be recreated for Oblivion.

    uploaded 4:55, 8 Jan 2017 15 3 893kb DaggerfallTeam

  • Bandits Cutthroats and Thieves for Oblivion

    A simple immersion mod that adds more races to outlaw-type enemies like marauders and bandits.

    uploaded 4:32, 8 Jan 2017 295 5 132kb pitip

  • Altar of Disenchanting for Oblivion

    Adds an altar to the Arcane University. Place an enchanted item inside, cast Dispel on it, and the item's enchantment will be stripped away. Only works on items you enchanted yourself.

    uploaded 23:53, 7 Jan 2017 33 2 71kb mmclendon

  • Resurrection Bruma Mages for Oblivion

    Simple mod that revives all killed mages in Bruma and restores building of the guild.
    Простой Мод, который воскрешает всех убитых магов в Бруме и восстанавливает здание гильдии.

    uploaded 12:42, 7 Jan 2017 114 10 8kb Alena0207

  • Vile Lair Redux - Deepscorn Awakened for Oblivion

    A complete revamp for the Vile Lair DLC. Deepscorn now has a backstory, a few baddies to fight, an impressive shrine to Sithis, a library featuring every single book in the vanilla game(aside from quest related), a trophy room, a Thone overlooking the shrine, and eternal slave and much, much more!

    uploaded 8:54, 6 Jan 2017 268 15 72kb GrandBulwark

  • Holy Amulets of the Divines for Oblivion

    Adds Skyrim-style necklaces for portable divine blessings

    uploaded 20:33, 5 Jan 2017 137 5 1,343kb Guinefort1

  • Exchange things for Oblivion

    This mod adds you spell "Exchange" that let you share things with NPS.
    Этот мод добавляет вам заклинание "Обмен", которое позволяет вам обмениваться вещами с другими NPS.

    uploaded 18:31, 5 Jan 2017 198 19 5kb Alena0207

  • Summon Merchant for Oblivion

    After buying the scroll in the "First Edition" you will get a spell of summon merchant Sergius.
    После покупки свитка в Первом Издании, вы получите заклинания призвать купца Сергиуса.

    uploaded 13:29, 5 Jan 2017 211 21 11kb Alena0207

  • Syscrusher's Welsh Cupboard for Oblivion

    This modders' resource is a simple middle-class Welsh cupboard, which I created from scratch in Blender. It is low-poly for performance and has hand-created static collisioning for efficient use as a Container or Static in the Construction Set.

    uploaded 3:36, 5 Jan 2017 31 4 28kb syscrusher

  • Dynamic Door Knocking for Oblivion

    This mod allows you to knock on almost any locked door, which will have a chance of alerting an NPC in the target cell to come and answer it. It does so in a completely dynamic way using OBSE, so should work with content added from any other mod. This works both from exterior and interior cells.

    uploaded 2:57, 5 Jan 2017 220 9 140kb arafuse

  • Timed Autosave for Oblivion


    uploaded 20:45, 4 Jan 2017 22 1 4kb akkaFUKU