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This mod adds the new system blue light south to treasure chest.

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Blue Light

This mod adds the new system blue light south to  treasure chest.
I integrated the cluster background from the XR_Nebula mod, all credit for this go to the creator ICO_HR.
It also contains content from KrYcHokE´s Lost Sectors mod.
Thanks to Alexalsp for the russian translation.

Please make sure to have my former mod treasure chest and its required mods installed.

Put the mod in: X Rebirth\Extensions and everything should alright.

There also now an adapted version for linux users available!


1.02 -Highways improved
-Npc freightships do now also travel to directly neighbouring systems for trade
-Several ice fields added
-One station and several ships added to heretic vanguard

1.04 -Highways improved to be smoother
-Stations near highways slightly moved to avoid clipping
-Buildplaces rotated so new built stations always face the sun,
this way solarplants look better actually pointing towards where light is coming from, this does not affect stations already built in savegames!

1.04.1 -Bugfix

1.10 - More fightervariation in NPC patrols and escorts
- People on stations are now from the same factions that own stations inside the system

1.20 -Fixed bugs concerning missing personnel on space stations and the jumpgate connections
-Tasks for ships in the system (jobs) have been revised

1.30 -Local- and Superhighways have their speed increased
-Issues with Crychokes Encyclopedia_LS_Fix regarding changed textures and different looks have been resolved
-A bunch of smaller bugfixes

Blauer Schein

Dieser Mod fügt das neue System Blauer Schein südlich an Schatzkammer an.
Außerdem habe ich den Cluster Hintergrund aus dem  XR_Nebula mod integriert, alle Anerkennung hierfür geht an den Erschaffer ICO_HR.
Des Weiteren sind noch Inhalte aus KrYcHokE´s Lost Sectors mod enthalten.
Danke an Alexalsp für die russische Übersetzung.

Bitte stellt sicher, dass mein vorheriger mod Schatzkammer sowie alle dafür benötigten mod installiert sind.


Pack den mod in: X Rebirth\Extensions und alles sollte funktionieren.

Es gibt nun auch eine angepasste Version für Linux Nutzer!