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This MD script allows the Skunk to jump to a selected zone or to a previously marked position.

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PlayerJumpAddon v0.5 August 22 2014

This is the lastest version irrespectively which menu (sidebar or legacy) you are using.

I have also changed the (sub) choices for prefix "g_" to prefix "g" because the new sidemenu code causes  "Unexpected section g_" debug errors which may effect on the functionality.


Use the sidemenu or the keyboard to open the map, then select a zone of your choice from the sector map and then select "plot course" to trigger the jump options as a custom conversation. You can mark a position before jumping. To jump to a previously marked position just select any zone from any sector map,  select "plot course" and then "jump to position".


If you have already installed v0.3 then just delete the script EuclidsJump.xml from the md folder and add the new scripts EuclidsJumpAlt.xml and EuclidsJumpTrigger.xml.

If this is your first install then just extract the entire
PlayerJumpAnim folder to your extensions folder.


As explained above the "plot course" triggers the jump options. Of course this also triggers a mission guidance "Fly to Zone ...". On arrival (i.e. after the jump) the guidance should disappear. However, in some cases you have to disable it manually via the mission menu. This is a tad annoying but as it is for now there are no other alternatives to avoid conflicts with other mods menu options.

"Mark position" will store the Skunk's current position (zone and coordinates) whilst
"Jump to zone" will open the map for the player to select (bottom right) a zone. After
selecting a zone the map will close and the Skunk will jump to the selected zone. You can
select "Mark position" anytime and when you then use the menu again you will
see a new option "Jump to position" (instead of "Mark position").
This option will be available as long as you have not used it. If you select that option the Skunk
will jump to the marked position and this option will then be replaced again by "Mark position".

Cheers Euclid