XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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  1. bighungryjames
    • member
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    This mod unnecessarily changes too many aspects (e.g. weapon perks, soldier perk trees) of the original long war, which did not suit me. Most notably, this mod's snipers no longer have Double Tap, and LMGs do not confer Squadsight. I do respect the modder's decisions to take such tweaks, but it did not fulfill my own needs. 
  2. vnucik
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    No idea about LWR. 

    Yes cinematics needs to be disabled otherwise they revert speed back to normal.

    Latest version, and 99% the last, v1,8 should be save-game compatible with older versions only if: savegame need NOT to have a tactical mission. (there must be no missions on hologlobe or mission in progress)

    versions 1.7-1.5 are bugged and unplayable in terror missions - CTD can occurr
  3. barame3526
    • member
    • 310 posts
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    I just binge-watched most of Stargate SG1 tv series and came back to xcom longwar after few years. Gonna try your tweaks too, thanks!

    EDIT: Been playing it for a week, I definitely like your changes, Long (dynamic) war feels more enjoyable now.
    Alt+P increased speed hotkey is a game changer for sure! I cannot thank you enough! I watch all videos on x1.3-1.7 speed so a big fan of this shortcut.
    Not sure if this is a game limitation, but if it's possible, can you fix it so it wouldn't revert to x1 speed after
    cinematics (like soldier sprinting or killcam)?

    Oh, and I'm proud to be the first endorsement!

    EDIT2: Nevermind about speed hotkey. I just had to disable action cams in options.

    EDIT3: Now if only that lovely hotkey would somehow work with LWR... It keeps resetting every time I switch to another soldier with TAB.

    EDIT4: For faster animations I now use Cheat Engine speedhack function, works perfectly.