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Aiming at perfection tweaking config values for faster more varied and less "gamey" Long War experience. Intended / balanced and tweaked to be played with second wave options enabled: Dynamic War. and optionally: Total Loss, Aiming Angles, Red Fog.
Incorporated mods: VR Training, Alien research bonuses down.

Permissions and credits
Short Description:

Aiming at perfection tweaking config values for faster more varied and less "gamey" Long War experience. Play this with Dynamic War second wave option and Total Loss - mod balanced with it. Aiming Angles and Red Fog tweaks included. Most items are cheaper so Total Loss makes sense.

Includes more equipment choices, total but minor rebalance and all these things like proper difficulty curves and mostly proper tooltips are included.
Main goal was to add "player freedom" with more varied aliens, focus on realism and with game balanced around Ironman/Bronzeman, Total Loss and Red Fog.

Short Changelog/Features/Summary:

Fatigue time for soldiers low (1-3 days). Alien research bonuses to regular aliens toned down slightly, primarily +damage stat. Virtual reality training incorporated. EXALT got nearly 0 bonus to alien research. 
Weapons rebalanced slightly, most are the same compared to vanilla long war or have at least the same overall DPS. Top tier weapons generally slightly stronger. Weapons slightly cheaper. MECS and SHIVS slightly improved. BIG change is: High RPM weapons have lower damage but increased aim based on RPM and crit basd on overall RPM and calibre. Example: Minigun, SAW, LMG series of weapons.
Campaign is shorter at 0.5 Marathon value. Difficulty curve smoother but also more spiky easy at start harder at mid game lategame depends on how well did the player during early/mid.
Grenade tweaks. Grenades have less throw range. AP grenade is lightweight confering the most throw range. Note: Bombard perk is available sooner,

More Description:

Difficulty spikes are severe but definitely not forcing players to cheese. Exalt missions are numerous due to Dynamic War option not affecting number of Exalt missions but Exalt soldier are weaker. Note: Xcom operatives are the best handpicked soldiers on earth so its impossible that Exalt operatives get better stats. Game duration is OK - not too long. Alien research is a threat but ordinary (not elite and boss) aliens are affected only marginally as a modified version of some Reduce Damage gained from alien research mod is included. Training of soldiers is automatic but slow as modified Virtual Reality Training (for Long War) mod is included - requires officer schools. 
Intended / balanced and tweaked to be played with second wave options enabled: Dynamic War. And optionally with: Red Fog, Aiming Angles (both options were changed for this mod).
Interceptor chance to detect UFO without satellite coverage set to 27% from 4%, now matching interceptor description.
Alt+N sets game speed to normal. Alt+M to slowmotion. Alt+L gamespeed 2.0x. Alt+P is 3.0x. 

Mods included: Virtual Reality Training (for Long War), Alien Research ordinary aliens damage and stats down (sorry cant remember the name of this mod but both these mods gets tweaked here anyway). This mod is compatible with most mods Long War is compatible, the two aforementioned mods excluded. Install other mods after installing this mod.


1. Download and install Long War 1.0

2. Test if it works - start a game, if problems read troubleshooting issues at Long War page. Note: In most cases the reason for Long War not working is Long War not patching the /XEV/Binaries/Win32/XComEW.exe file. Check the date and time of change of file in explorer, it should be the time of Long War patching.

3. Downlaod Long War Mod Manager.

4. Download and unzip this mod installation file. Put VirtualRealityTraining into ***Long War Mod Manager directory/Mods , Open Long War Mod Manager, set XCom enemy within folder to ***Your XCOM Installation Directory\XEW  Example: (c:\program files (x86)\steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW) , set Long War Installation File. 
Check VirtualRealityTraining. Check Preserve current configuration. Press Update Long War! button. 

5. open ***Add these lines to Xev.XComGame.Config folder in this mod intallation file. Open ***Into DefaultInput.ini override it. Copy everything - select all (Ctrl+A), Copy (Ctrl+C). Open ***Your XCOM Installation Directory\XEW\XComGame\Config\DefaultInput.Ini
example: (c:\program files (x86)\steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config\DefaultInput.Ini) Locate line containing [XComGame.XComTacticalInput] in this file - (Ctrl+F). Override this section with vaues copied from ***Into DefaultInput.ini override it.
This step: Alt+M to slowmotion. Alt+L gamespeed 2.0x. Alt+P is 3.0x. Note having cinematics enabled may put the game speed back to normal after cinematic.
Slomo can be applied also to strategic/hologlobe. Just put these lines also below [Engine.PlayerInput] 

6. Override DefaultGameCore. 
- copy file DefaultGameCore.ini located in this mod installation file ***XEW\XComGame\Config\DefaultGameCore.ini
to ***Your XCOM Installation Directory\XEW\XComGame\Config\ Overwrite.

7. (optional) Put localization files included in zip file to place. Overwrite.
8. Play. Start New Game. Choose Second Wave Dynamic War.
New recruits should be Green and Medics should be red. Try using Alt+N M L P in battle . If OK mod works OK.

9. Install other mods. Tested and working with Loadout Manager and Squadron Unleashed.

Changes from Long War Listed: 

- Alien research units speed approx.-20%. Starting alien research delay reduced (50 from 90).
- Regular aliens receive less bonus from alien research, most notably is reduced +damage gained stat. Elite and boss aliens receive nearly full bonus from alien research.
- Most Thin Man are less durable but their aim is slightly better.
- Some changes to aliens, Mutons have bigger rifles so dmg+, Mutons bigger targets so def-, Chryssalids dmg- Low size alien weapons use no supression. Thin man acid range reduced.
- Randomly generated recruits receive slightly better Aim and sometimes better Life and worse mobility stats, counterweights reduced Aim per level from Long War. 
- Recruits are white, medics are red.
- Soldier recruiting costs reduced.
- Exalt operatives are weaker. Most notably their Life. Makes pistols useful. Makes realism a thing and as far as tested many Exalt missions are definitely not easy due to their pure numbers. Note: X-COM is organization housing most experienced soldiers on Earth. Exalt operatives definitely cannot have better stats.
- Minor tweaks to campaign starting values.
- Some starting options have slightly more cash, note: Europe and North America are expensive. Minor tweaks to cash given by country.
- Some mission cash rewards + approx. 5-25%.
- Training occurs with proper base facility and upgrades. Values from VirtualRealityTraining mod changed from 1111223 to 0 2 1 1 1 1 2
- Specialist soldier training XP reduced (100 from 125).
- Grenade tweak - all grenades including Scanners throwing range reduced slightly. AP grenade is lightweigh having the most range among grenades.
HE grenade has the shortest range reflecting soldiers throwing heavy bomb capable of destroying cover. Wounded soldiers with Red Fog SWO may be unable to use HE grenade at all, they would hit themselves. Damage values adjusted (+1,+2).
- Soldiers fatigue reduced severely.
- Interceptor repair time reduced.
- EMP armed aircraft bonus to recovery of alloys from craashed UFO´s doubled.
- Stealth satellites chance of detection by UFO´s reduced.
- Interceptors receive a real chance (27% from 4% per interceptor) to spot UFO without satellite coverage.
- MIssion UFO crashed time limit increased.
- Fission Power Plant power +1.
- Sniper weapons aim in close ranges increased slightly. Acid aim penalty reduced slighlty.  Red Fog second wave option mobility penalty cap +50%.  Lone Wolf Perk +50%.
Hours to transfer interceptor 15
Shiv weapons modified (+% crit chances)
Mec weapons modified (+% crit chances, minigun ammo+1)
Alloy carbide plating +
Mec hp increased or mobility
Shivs mobility modified slightly
Weapons rebalance. High RPM weapons modified to have lower damage better aim and crit based on RPM and/or calibre. Overall DPS of weapons is roughly the same compared to vanilla LW. Some other minor changes to weapons either based on their tier (las, gauss, p las, plasma} or on actual weapon, example: railgun. It works more like a railgun, not like a high rpm variant of minigun.
Pistol foundry projects better. Most weapons do more damage to environment. Most weapons have cash costs lowered.
Weapons balance and tweaks. Sucessful terror missions panic lowered. Satellite panic reduction improved slightly. Satellite nexus capacity +1. Arc thrower + chance - dynamic war offers less options to stun aliens. 
v1.2.3  Weapons balance Finalized. Too many changes to reasonably list it all. 
Some perks and weapons changed, prices rebalanced for nearly every item in game. Greater variety. Some tweaks. Recommended to play with Aiming Angles second wave option - it is modified to be hardly noticeable compared to no aiming angles.
Supression perks cut out. Only heavy units can supress - exmple gunners, SHIVs, mutons and heavier aliens. Minor perk position changes notable - fire rocket and bombard is available sooner. Shivs can use support grenades. MECS use smoke cover by default.
DR Shivs Mecs increased. Armor equipment DR changes. Misc balance alien changes. Small alien behaviour tweaks. Maintenance of base facilities -25%.
changes, lots of changes and balancing and bugfixing
Should be final.  

Main differences vs. Long War for more veteran-ysh playerz in tactical battles:
Damage to environment is greater, tanking with soldiers is significantly more difficult in most situation (walls are just bad vs alien plasma) often requiring more mobile warfare approach. Environment fire often spreads.
DR - damage reduction is again a thing, carefully balanced. Hardened perk gives only -30% crit chance.
Alien research to regular aliens at max. is giving only +2/3 dmg (not counting leader bonuses). It is possible to win the game at max alien research alth. it is not recommended to allow the aliens to research that far (they got other bonuses such as aim, hp, perks). 
Lower difficulty settings give no aim penalty to aliens.
Soldiers have bigger base defence stat simulating going prone etc. making cover slightly less useful.
Engineers with battle rifles are Overpowered early game. Rocketeers have better range and spread, I guess they use guided missiles now.
Weapons and their usage slightly changed, aliens below muton have no supression. Your not-gunners or machine gun units have no supression.
Soldiers and alien mobility is lower. 
Recommended to be played with alt+p (gamespeed 3.0) Soldiers mechanizeds and alien stats are far closer to realism while keeping gameplay balance.
Playing without Total Loss and Dynamic War enabled is 100% NOT recommended due to game balance.

Thanks to Long War and other mods authors. Credits to them.