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Amineri - XMarksTheSpot and TheOldOne822 - Updated by MrWatsyoname

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This mod simply allows XCOM's user interface to allows more item slots to be neatly displayed.

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This mod simply allows XCOM's user interface to allows more than two item slots to be neatly displayed. 

It is important to remember that in in order to actually have more item slots you need to modify DefaultGameCore.ini


  1. Install the txt. file through PatcherGUI
  2. Modify DefaultGameCore.ini's iSmallItems=1 is changed to 2 (tactical rigging will bump it to 3) (make sure all human armors are changed to this!)

Unfortuanly modifying DefaultGameCore.ini is not a simple process because the game will only read the version of it that is embedded into "XComEW.exe". So on top of making the txt. change we need to make the exe. file read it. There are two ways we can do this.
  1. In PatcherGUI's "Tools" > "Enable INI loading" and "Disable Phoning Home". Then under tools open up the config file and see step 2 above  OR
  2. Download Resource Hacker. Open it up and find EW's .exe file. Double Click "RCData" and click on "1020 : 1033" (this is where the embedded DefaultGameCore.ini is). Right click on it and go to "replace resource". Click on "Select File" and replace it with your edited .txt file. Save your changes.

NOTE: Going above 5 small item slots is a bit problematic. While the game can load up to 16 small item, it only knows how to store 5 of them. I have not extensively tested this yet but as long as you only bring at most 5 grenades (and the other 11 other items be things like scopes and medikits) you should be okay.   

Sorry for the sloppy txt file of "Item Grid for Long War". I'm lazy so Instead of surgically removing unwanted bits of code I just reverted all of "gfxSoldierLoadout.SoldierLoadout" into it's vanilla state. So far, however, I have not noticed any problems with this method (as in no Long War features were lost, except for a scroll bar that was incompatible with this mod).

Amineri for figuring out how neatly display 3 item slots
XMarksTheSpot for the item grid
TheOldOne822 for updating XMarksTheSpots' work for EW
JDDysart for helping me understand PatcherGUI
Me for creating the .txt files.