XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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A conversion mod that takes what was accomplished by the Long War team and ascends beyond it. New Perks, custom classes, more customization, just plain more.

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Compatibility with Loadout Manager Resolved

1. Use the LoadoutManager_With_CampaignSummary.txt patch file instead of LoadoutManager.txt.  Checkpoint is already installed in Ascension.
2. Copy the line:   arrStrategicMutators="LoadoutManager.LoadoutManagerMutator"  into the file DefaultMutatorLoader.ini which can be found in the config folder located:
Steam > steamapps > common > XCom-Enemy-Unknown > XEW > XComGame > Config
3. Copy the line:   ActorClassesToRecord=LoadoutManager.LoadoutManager into the file DefaultCheckpoint.ini which can be found in the config folder located:
Steam > steamapps > common > XCom-Enemy-Unknown > XEW > XComGame > Config

Seeking Interested Modders

Ascension is an ongoing project to overhaul the XCom experience.  The goal for the project is to not only modify the game but also to open up moddability even further to allow others to tweak the game to their desired preference.  In addition to these goals we want to add more to the experience and increase replay value for the game that we love so much.  Unfortunately time and other limitations has led to a severe slowing of our forward momentum almost to the point that no more visible progress is being made.

Though we do not plan to give up on the project entirely we are of the understanding that our goals are going to take a great deal of time unless we get others that are just as passionate as we are about XCom to assist in the project.

Recent Changes(version 2.00)

  • Addition of new MEC class
  • New perks for additional MEC class
  • New OTS Projects
  • Addition of Rookie Perks

  •  While brainstorming with a few friends it was decided that even though we really like what was done with Long War there was so much more that was missing from the experience.  This led us to dive into the code and really start looking at how we could implement those missing bits.  This is a project that we have mostly worked out what needs to be changed and how, but all of these changes are going to take time.  The changes will be rolled out in stages and we look forward to feedback on the various systems we add and modify to create a completely new experience for fans of the XCom franchise.

    XCom: Ascension is a mod for the Enemy Within version of Long War, Long War 1.0.

    If you're unsure of what exactly has been added to the game check out the videos that go into a bit more depth about the changes implemented, or click the link below to go to the Ascension Playlist:

    Ascension Playlist

    XCom: Ascension

    Stage 1: Planning & Core Changes

    Initial Preview Alpha1.00 Feature List:
    1. First we are making a base mod that allows new data to be saved to the game's save system, TrackTwo created an initial version(Checkpoint) that impacts one part of the game, in order to accomplish what we set out to do we have taken this a step further to carry data back and forth from both parts of the game(tactical and strategy)

    2. We will also be showcasing a new weapon range and stat rework to mix up playstyles and tactics

    3. Another feature included in the initial Preview is an inventory slot that is specific to ammunition ONLY, the perks for ammunition will be removed from class perk trees and replaced with other options.  You will only be able to take 1 ammo type on a tactical mission and this does not impact weight(mobility) since you are just replacing one ammo type with another

    4. Finally, we have managed to achieve what the Long War team was unable to do!  The Long War team was limited by the amount of perks(172), but thanks to some clever coding by AzXeus, our lead programmer, we have expanded that amount significantly!  Included in the initial release will be a slew of new perks to expand your XCom experience.

    Stage 2: Core Features & Additions

    • During Stage 2 we intend to really get to work on adding new and exciting features to an already exciting experience.  Long War was a good start, but it's time to show what kind of experience we can really create within XCom
    • There will be a Class rebalance with the inclusion of new perks to better define a Class role, the addition of more classes, research and foundry project expansion, and so much more

    Alpha Versions 2.00 - 4.00 Planned Features:

    1. Alpha 2.00 will be named Class Ascension and will be focused around adding to and balancing the existing Long War Classes alongside some new classes we're creating all while adding new perks for all classes.
    2. Alpha 3.00, our Research and Foundry Ascension, will add tons of new research projects and implement them in new and creative ways.  We intend to also look into adding additional items beyond the existing 255.
    3. Alpha 4.00 will be where we look into making the opponent more challenging in order to make up for all the additions we've added to the XCom side, it will be appropriately named Alien Ascension.

    Stage 3: Balance & Polish
    • During this stage our plan is to really focus on making sure we create a solid experience that people can enjoy, we want to make this overhaul friendly to as many playstyles as possible so we will be looking for feedback during the entirety of our time developing Ascension

    Stage 4: Further Additions
    • Though we are toying around with the idea of changing over to XCom 2 modding at some point we prefer XCom: Enemy Within much more than XCom 2.  We're in this for the long haul, whether or not we get loads of support we want to see this all the way through, we just want to share our changes with everyone and it would be great if others enjoy the overhaul as much as we've enjoyed building it.
    • We have several concepts not listed above that we are considering working on, but we also are always open to suggestions and feedback, if we hear suggestions that we also like there's a good chance we'll look into making it happen!

    Since we are coders and not artists/modellers please keep in mind that new items will either be background items that are used for various gameplay changes or use duplicate icons, these new items won't introduce new game models into the tactical experience.  If anyone who works with texturing and such(once again not an artist lol) wishes to contribute then you're welcome to request access to our discord where you can share your work with us for consideration.

    We have a great deal of changes planned in the future including(but not limited to) the following:

    • SHIV only Skyranger seat in addition to existing amount of soldiers
    • Extending Item limit beyond the existing cap of 255
    • Creation of a "squadron" system for Interception that allows multiple aircraft to be sent at once
    • Much more, some of which we intend to introduce as a surprise