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Mod that alters Training Roulette to add more of an experience to randomised perks
aka TR+, R+

Permissions and credits
  • Long War v1 is required.
  • Make sure you are using the default LW DGC ini file for the installation*
  • Put the "RoulettePlus Installer" folder into your XCom install folder.
  • Run the Installer.bat file.
  • ???
  • Profit!?

*you can change the ini file after the installation is finished 

If you want to uninstall then copy the two .upk files from the backup folder in the "RoulettePlus Installer" folder and overwrite the ones in your XEW/XComGame/CookedPCConsole folder and then if you want to delete the Mods folder and the extra config files in the config folder

code can be seen on github here

Since I'm bad at making descriptions I'll just quote someone thankfully has mostly done it for me.
This mod is the holy grail of Training Roulette games in Long War and I'll spell out why for you below. This mod solves many common problems
and complaints with TR and lets you completely customize it to your
hearts content. Main Features include:

  • Having separate perk pools for each class (thus letting you randomize things like Javelin Rockets, Fire in the Hole, etc. on Rocketeers, because you don't have to worry about them spilling over into other classes anymore), in addition to global perk lists. So now you can have one big global list (like default TR) but then a smaller, sub-list for every single class that only that class can pull perks from. No more locking down half of the Snipers and Rocketeers trees because those perks are only good on those specific soldiers.
  • The option to randomize MECs (who are usually static perk lists in base-LW's TR). You can now randomize all of their perk trees as well if you're a fan of rolling the dice. Just like the soldier classes, each MEC class can have its own sub-list to pull perks from so you don't get cross-contamination with perks showing up on classes where they're useless
  • Options to define perks that shouldn't compete with each other on the same tree (So Combat Drugs and Dense Smoke always appear together on the same level, if at all, instead of separate (The reason for this is that Drugs overrides Dense if you have both) and solves a number of issues with things like Light 'Em Up v. Double Tap, Rapid Reaction v. Sentinel, etc.). No longer will functionally-mutually-exclusive perks disrupt your perk lists by showing up at different levels and accidentally letting you overwrite your own abilities.
  • Allows you to setup and define "combo" chain perks, so you never get things that rely on each other for maximum effect on the same level. It forces the list to spread them out to two different levels, thus letting you setup the perk synergy you want. No longer will you have to decide between picking up Opportunist or picking up Sentinel at the same promotion!
  • In the same vein, there's also "required" perks. It sets up a condition for certain perks so that perks that require a base perk to function don't show up on a list without the base perk. No more getting Danger Zone if you don't have Suppression or Fire Rocket! No more getting Killer Instinct without Run and Gun! 
  • It allows you to "merge" perks, so you can tie some of the less useful perks to more useful ones, or simply tie perks that need other perks to function well together. A prime example is Dense Smoke: You can roll Dense Smoke without rolling Smoke Grenade on the tree, but merge perks lets you bundle the Smoke Grenade perk in automatically, just for taking Dense Smoke, so you always have a smoke grenade to toss out with your new perk. No more justifying less viable equipment choices just to make your TR choices useful!
  • Finally, Roulette Plus adds perk +Stats back into the TR lists (TR in Long War normally removes the stat bonuses you get from taking certain perks). Steadfast keeps its +5 Will bonus, even when playing TR! Think a perk in base LW was never a great choice? You can add your own stat gains to it to incentivize yourself, choosing a combination of HP, Mobility, Aim, Will, and Defense! No more sacrificing those stat gains just to play a more refreshing game!

All of this, and more, is .ini configurable and easy to customize and tweak to your exact desires for a more pleasant and exciting experience
with AzXeus's Roulette Plus mod for Long War!
Some extra things he didn't mention:
you are able to use Run and Gun with move limited weapons and still shoot after moving when it is activated making an alternate to snapshot
the will to survive perk is now active while one-for-all is activated for MECs (which by default can appear in Golith's perk tree)
you can now 'combo' HitAndRun/CloseEncounters with other perks such as Light em up and Double Tap (but not with eachother)
other classes than just Engineer can now pick up a rocket launcher
there's a discount for Augmenting a solider into a MEC to account for the randomness (put into the ini to keep the change away from non-roulette games)
Advanced Servomotors foundery project now gives +4 mob instead of the sprinter perk on MECs so you're able to get both if you roll it in the tree
And like he said, it's ALL configurable in the ini!

Thanks IceMaverick for the description.
Again thanks to TrackTwo for helping me learn how to use mutators :D