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A total overhaul mod for Long War b15f3 featuring a new tech tree, new strategic AI, new perks, new item balance, and dozens of minor changes throughout with an overall goal of reducing the game by about half.

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Medium War is a total overhaul mod for Long War b15f3 that significantly changes how the game plays and hopefully cuts down the Long War experience by about half. Some Long War features were set back to vanilla, such as weapon damage, abduction blitzes and a shortened EXALT arc. The tech tree and item balance have been significantly changes to feature more distinct branches. Laser and Pulse weapons form a distinct pathway from Gauss and Plasma weapons and the two branches are roughly balanced against each other. Gene mods have been unlocked from autopsy techs and now form their own research paths. Psi Perks are only limited by soldier experience (except for Rift, which remains specially coded).

Base soldiers have the most options in Medium War, with three perk choices per rank, genemods, psi perks and weapon and armor choices.
MECs are specialists, with only two perk choices per rank, fewer small item slots and fewer small item choices overall.
SHIVs should be an essential part of any strategy now, with more choices in load outs to create mission support platforms for any squad.

Balance is a big concern in this first beta and the prices are mostly pulled out of a hat. I'll be refining play balance with time and feedback.

Thanks to IronRose, JohnnyLump, Amineri, JC Lewis, wghost81, Beaglerush and the Something Awful forum community for help on putting this together, as well as Level 8 Heavy Floater (Air War overhaul), eclipse666 (Carlock) and hawkeye2777 (Van Doorn in March) for their modwork that I basically stole because it was awesome.