XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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Commander works hard night and day to fight the alien invasion, prevent field causalities and juggling the meager resources provided by Council members. This tool provides information gathered from alien activities, like alien tech level and resources, in the Situation Room newsticker, allowing him to make informed decisions.

Permissions and credits
This small mod exposes alien statistics - alien tech level, alien resource level and alien aggressiveness. This is based on  sectoidfodder's mod, but brings two changes:
  1. Newsticker is not replaced; the alien stats are showed before the usual newsticker content;
  2. Instead Alien Research/Bonus Research, it shows only Alien Tech Level. Currently, Alien Tech Level is the Alien Research divided by 30, capped at 32. Once the research level hits 1200 (the final alien upgrade), the Tech Level changes to "maximum".

This is my first mod, so I'm improving it as I learn. These are the people I would like to thank:
  • JohnnyLump and Amineri for Long War
  • wGhost81 for her UPK tools
  • sectoidfodder for the original alien stats exposed
  • Zyxpsilon and SpazmoJones for the support in my first steps

  • Alien tech level capped at 32; after research level 1200+, value changes to maximum
  • Fix on the original code variable initialization
  • Better comments
  • Initial release