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This mod tries to make tactical layer experience more random than it is in vanilla game.

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If you're upgrading from the version older than 3.0, you should verify back to vanilla using Steam cache verification first, otherwise the game will crash! Note that the mod is now compatible with Linux and Mac versions of the game.

This mod is included in LW since b15d.

You might encounter CTDs while using explosives with this mod installed. Those can be fixed with map patches by Liquid911 (still work in progress): Map Cleanup forum thread. With Liquid's permission, I modified his map patches to work with XCOM Randomized mod and they are now available as optional download file.

Install Instructions

1. Use PatcherGUI to apply XCOMRandomizedUPKPatches.txt patch to Path-To-SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW folder.
2. Copy XEW folder from inside this archive to Path-To-SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown folder. Answer "yes" when prompted to replace existing files.


Thanks to LiQuiD911 for discovering how to find LZ objects inside map files and Ellatan for LZ testing and advices.

This mod tries to make tactical layer experience more random than it is in vanilla game.

Mod includes several different changes:
1. Landing zones randomization: landing zones will be placed at random locations.
2. Pod placement randomization: alien pods will be placed at random locations.
3. Meld placement randomization: Meld containers will be placed at random locations.
4. Drop-downs randomization: Thinmen drop-downs on Council missions will use randomized positions.
5. Enable alien patrols for Council missions: alien pods on Council missions will patrol randomly.
6. Maps reused: some of the DLC maps will be used as abduction and terror maps and some of the terror maps will be used as abduction maps. Reused abduction maps will have Meld canisters.
7. Bomb missions randomization: nodes and the bomb will be placed randomly.
8. Bomb missions on abduction maps: additional maps added to bomb missions pool (need to start a new game for this part to work).

Note: Battleships and storyline missions do not have new LZs. Scripted Council missions (Extraction and Rescue), as well as EXALT missions, don't have new LZs either, as altering these are impossible at this moment.

This mod is incompatible with previously released Random Pods mod. But this version does the same and even more. :)

This mod is compatible with Alien Squad Randomized mod (or Larger Alien Pods mod) and with Interface and Gameplay Tweaks, as well as with other mods by yours truly.

Use defaultmutatorloader.ini to switch different parts of the mod on and off.
Random placement is controlled by defaultrandomspawns.ini.
LZ placement is defined by defaultlzmutator.ini.

Have fun!